Tuesday September 1st, 2020 7:00pm Online

Present: Patrick Hickey, Jiri Culik, Alex Bodi, John Coumoundouros, Jacque Brown, Adam Holcomb, Cheryl Cathcart

Absent: Tami Robertson, Alex Smith

Call To Order: 7:09pm

Agenda Items/President’s Report
  1. Old Business

    1. Technology Updates

      Everything including domain name and DNS has been moved away from FatCow. ...


Wednesday, July 15, 2020 7:00pm Google Meet

Present: Jiri Culik, Cheryl Cathcart, Alex Bodi, Adam Holcomb, Jacquelynn Brown, Tami Robertson, John Coumoundouros, Patrick Hickey

Absent: Alex Smith

Call To Order: 7:03pm

Agenda Items/President’s Report
  1. Previous Attorney Invoice

    John and Jacquelynn to follow up on the last lawyer invoice and clarification of ...


Monday, 06-11-2020 6:30 PM Online

Present: Jacquelynn Brown, Jiri Culik, John Coumoundouros, Adam Holcomb, Alex Bodi, Cheryl Cathcart, Alex Smith

Absent: Tami Robertson

Call To Order: 6:35pm

Agenda Items/President’s Report
  1. Approve New D & O Policy

    Old policy set to expire 6/22/2020. New policy has been reviewed for a total cost ...