Annual Membership Dues

Annual dues are required for association members to remain in good standing. Your dues ensure proper maintenance of our common areas, as well as safe access to a swimming beach on Elizabeth Lake, Sunset Park on Cass Lake and a boat launch on Cass Lake. We, as homeowners, and members of CSCA share the added value and the responsibility of properly maintaining and improving them, resulting in the overall better quality of our neighborhood and ultimately the value of our individual properties.

Online Payments

You can now pay your annual dues and fees using our online payment system. You will be asked to sign our Terms of Use Agreement, after which you can select the services you require and pay for them online using your choice of payment methods. The next step is to choose the services that you are requesting, and submit your payment information.

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In order to use any of the association facilities you must sign the Terms of Use Agreement shown below. This agreement concerns the use of association’s boat launch and kayak rack on Cass Lake, docks on Cass Lake and Elizabeth Lake, and boat slips on Cass Lake and Elizabeth Lake, as well as approaches, parking, entrances, gates and associated equipment and appurtenances.

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