Website Details

Website features and technical details


About This Website

This website has been custom implemented over a relatively short period of 3 1/2 weeks. Despite the time limitation, large number of features, listed below, have been implemented and integrated into the website:

  • Designed as a modern HTML 5 site, which is fully responsive; in other words it works on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smart phones.
  • It is secure using HTTPS and business level OV SSL security certificate.
  • Members can electronically sign documents, and pay their membership dues and fees online.
  • All electronically available content and documents (by-laws, annual and board meeting minutes, etc.) have been imported, and all are available for viewing and downloading.
  • Full text search finds documents quickly and easily.
  • Email integration sends emails to the board from the Contact Us page.
  • Content is easily editable using an integrated Content Management System (CMS)
  • Integrated spam, and web-bot submission detection and prevention.
  • Integrated analytics for providing insight into the website usage.
  • Deployed in a modern cloud based server in Amazon Web Services (AWS), with our hosting costs dropping approximately from $160/year to $60/year.
Something for the Technically Inclined

The website implementation uses the following technologies:

  • Javascript and NodeJS as the main language and processing VM
  • VueJS and Nuxt progressive development frameworks for both server and client implementations.
  • Bootstrap Vue for UI components, and CSS styling.
  • Sass for easier implementation of CSS
  • MarkdownIt Commonmark specification for post markup.
  • MJML for generating complex HTML emails, and Nodemailer for sending those emails.
  • LunrJS for full text search functionality.
  • Axios as an HTTP/HTTPS client for calling RESTful webservices.
  • Sitemap for automatic generation of sitemaps for SEO optimization.
  • Pino logging and AWS Cloudwatch integration for website logging, monitoring and alerting.
  • Dotenv for automatic loading of environment variables.
  • Sanity headless CMS for integrated content management.
  • Stripe for payment processing and order management.
  • Adobe eSign for electronic document signing.
  • Google reCaptcha V3 for spam and webbot detection and prevention.
  • Google Analytics for website trafic insight and analytics.
  • Gitlab for version control, issue tracking, and CI/CD.
  • AWS Lightsail for deployment.
  • Namecheap for SSL certificate management and verification.