CSCA Annual Meeting Minutes


Chetolah Shores Spring General Membership Meeting Minutes

April 27, 2006 / 7:30pm / Haviland Media Center

Board Members Present: John, Matt, Anne, Cheryl, Diane, Tina, Shelby

Open Meeting/Welcome (John)

2005/2006 CSCA Board Members

President: John Hoppesch

Vice President: Matt Yessian

Treasurer: Anne Kersten

Secretary: Cheryl Cathcart

1 Year Trustee: Shelby Schmitzer

2 Year Trustee (filled even years): Dianne Tite

2 Year Trustee (filled odd years): Lisa Browne

3 Year Trustee (filled every 3rd year starting 1988): Jeff Mitchell

3 Year Trustee (filled every 3rd year starting 1989): Tina Green

Wetlands Protector: Dianne Tite

Boat Slip Manager: Dianne Tite

Web Master: Darcie Winiewicz

John introduced Officer Ritter from the Waterford Police Department.
Officer Ritter

stressed the importance of general neighborhood awareness, know your
neighbors and

report anything you see that might be ‘out of the ordinary’. Waterford
Non Emergency #

248-674-0351 (Emergency 911), website:

Office Ritter also stressed the importance of visible house numbers on
your home, could

be the matter of life or death in the event of an emergency. Also, keep
a list of

emergency contact phone numbers posted on your refrigerator in the event
there is an

emergency, the Officers on the call can contact someone on your list and
let them know

you are injured, or if you are out of town and someone breaks in, they
can call someone

to secure your house. If you are going to be out of town, you can leave
your address with

the police department, let them know the dates you will be gone, leave
your contact

information and the information of someone local they can get a hold of
if necessary. It

was very nice for Officer Ritter to take time out of his schedule to
speak with us, leave us

with important tips and information packets.

Review Current Financial Statement – Anne

Year beginning October 1, 2005 – September 30, 2006

Opening Balance $1874.26

Final Trash Payment:


SBC Voicemail & Line:


Keys & Locks






Ending Balance:


Outstanding Debit

Short Tern Debt

$8100.00 (attorney fee)

$600.00 (Elizabeth Lk dock install & remove)

$600.00 (Outlot maintainenance – mowing)

Outstanding Receivables: $7,000.00 (aprox.)

Dianne reviewed proposals to pay the attorney debt ($500/per quarter).

Dianne made a motion to spend $2000 for the 2006 season for much needed

maintenance repairs. Motion brought to general membership – motion

Launch/Outlot Clean Up date announced (date voted on) Saturday, May 6,
2006. Meet at

10am at the Cass Lake Boat Launch, corner of Oregon & Chipman.

John brought up the idea of a neighborhood garage sale, by vote seemed
would have a lot

of interest. Interested members to form planning committee to call CSCA
voice mail @


John - Looking for a volunteer with a business to cover costs of
quarterly CSCA

newsletters (printing, postage). Volunteer would get 1 page of
newsletter (or ½ page

depending on # of pages in newsletter) for advertisement.

Matt brought up a suggestion of subdivision signs at each end of the
neighborhood along

Cass Elizabeth Rd (ie. Chetolah Shores of Cass Lake/Chetolah Shores of
Elizabeth Lake).

Matt volunteered to get a group together for project research before
investing in any signs.

Interested members to form research committee to call CSCA voice mail @

Motion to create an exclusive CSCA website brought to the general
membership. Motion

to spend aprox $200 (max) per year on a new site where residents can
view maintenance

billing rates, meeting and event dates, outlot clean up dates, meeting
agendas & minutes,

boat launch wait lists, announcements, by laws, neighborhood map, etc.
John to research

costs of new website.

Current Website:

Current Email:

Meeting Closed.