CSCA Annual Meeting Minutes


Chetolah Shores Civic Association Board Meeting Minutes

April 28, 2014

Present: Eric K., Patty, Cheryl, Tina, Mark, Amy, Hazel, Lloyd

Eric S. joined us by phone

Vice-President Erik Kokeny called the meeting to order at 7:50, after a
great deli dinner!

General discussion regarding the General Meeting on May 8

 Proposed slate of officers. Tina resigned as Slip Manager. We
discussed the duties of

that position. Lloyd would be agreeable to do it, but pointed out that
he is frequently

out of town during the summer. He was also concerned about the paperwork

during the initial phase of filling docks and collecting dues. This is
generally done in

conjunction with Patty. Erik agreed to help out, but, he too is gone for
much of the

summer. If Lloyd agrees, Tina would be willing to take the trustee
position. Further

discussion and a decision will be forthcoming.

 Review of prior “advertising” for the general meeting. Eric S. has
made 4 signs for the

main entrances and they will be up shortly. The location of the sandwich
boards is

unknown, although Pat P. may have them. Hazel has announced the meeting

Facebook and the website. She will also do an e-mail blast.

 Eric S has prepared a letter that will go out to the neighborhood
tomorrow including

information regarding the general meeting, dues, boat slip dues and

 Hazel will create an agenda for the general meeting using last year’s
as a model. We will

include information on completed improvement projects, and on-going
projects and

future initiatives.

Treasurer Report

 Patty presented her excellent graphs/charts draft that she prepared
and will present at

the general meeting. She also shared her reconciliation report for
March, 2014.

 Following a discussion regarding the cost of the boat launch key,
motion was made and

carried to reduce the cost of the key to $20.00. Lloyd will get the keys
made and have

them available for purchase at the general meeting. Cheryl will continue
to keep the

remaining keys and handle any subsequent purchases.

Secretary Report

 Minutes of previous meeting have been posted to website as will all
future approved

minutes. The announcement of the general meeting has been posted to
website and

Facebook. The updated boat slip wait list will also be posted.

 Discussion regarding revamping website. Eric S. has spoken with
someone who might

be willing to do this for $200-$300. It is a big job, and one that Hazel
does not feel she

has the time to take on. However, she would be willing to maintain it
once it has been

updated. She will provide any assistance needed to assist new webmaster.

Dock Report

 Discussion regarding Elizabeth Lake dock – repair or replace? We have
one estimate

from Pete, but Erik will get additional estimates. Speed is important so
that dock

holders can get their boats in the water soon.

 Tina offered additional information regarding the fireworks.
Information will be shared

at the general meeting and on Facebook. They are scheduled for July 11.

 Annual spring cleaning has been hired out

 Spring/Summer Newsletter will be prepared by Cheryl

 Discussion of Elizabeth Lake beach improvement project with Mark and

Next meeting will be on Tues. May 27 at 7:00 at Patty’s house.

Respectfully submitted,

Hazel Lewis, Recording Secretary