CSCA Annual Meeting Minutes


Chetolah Shores Civic Association

Annual Meeting May 14, 2015 Minutes

I. Welcome and introduction of the 2014/15 Board of Directors: Eric

 President – Eric Siegel

 Vice President – Erik Kokeny

 Treasurer – Patty Costigan

 Recording Secretary – Hazel Lewis

 1 Year Trustee – Kathy Bartus

 2 Year Trustee – Mark Webberly

 3 Year Trustee – Cheryl Cathcart

 3 Year Trustee – Amy Trudell

 Slip Manager – Lloyd Lewis

II. Treasurer’s Report: Patty Costigan (attached)

III. Purpose and Mission of the Association: Eric Siegel

Eric reviewed our goal as an association dedicated to community building

improvement to increase the enjoyment and value of our properties.

IV. Neighborhood Improvement Projects

A. Completed Projects: Eric Siegel

 Resolution of homeowner issues

 Security lighting and cameras at Cass Lake boat launch

 Repair of storm damage and removal of unsafe trees from common areas

 Maintenance and updates for outlots and beaches

B. Dock Update: Lloyd Lewis

Lloyd reviewed the repair and replacement of dock sections and the

needed clean up after the wind storm damage last year.

C. Future initiatives and on-going projects:

 Elizabeth Lake beach improvements: Mark Webberly

 Lot 19 improvement plans: Eric Siegel

 Monthly bills – ATT, DTE – Patty Costigan

 Maintenance of voice mail and e-mail information systems

 Updating of website and Facebook

V. Recommended changes in Association By-Laws: Lloyd Lewis

Lloyd suggested amendments to our current by-laws to bring them in line

current practice. The complete changes will be posted to our website

Following is a brief description of the changes, and the results of the
vote by the


1. Trustees: Removal of language requiring general membership votes for

spending, two signatures on checks and timeline for installation of

Adding language making the slip manager a Trustee position. Unanimously


changing “audit” to “review”. Unanimously approved.

3. Dues: Change language from “mandatory” to “required to be a member

good standing”. Approved with three nay votes

VI. Open discussion from membership:

1. Concern regarding the slippery conditions at the boat launches

2. Supply trash cans at launch areas, and routine emptying

3. Could dues be paid electronically in the future? i.e. PayPal

4. Concern regarding Emergency Plan for our neighborhood

5. Suggestion to help home owners with their dues payment

6. Lloyd Lewis requested that any property listed for sale and
advertised as

including a dock or waterfront when in fact there is an outlot area
between the

owner’s lot and the water be referred to him so that he can contact the

for any needed correction.

7. A member in good standing reported that a boat owned by a
non-resident is

parked in our launch area. Lloyd Lewis requested that any resident

who is aware similar circumstances notify him. He will work to have

the boat removed.

VII. Election of 2015/16 Board: Hazel Lewis

Nominations: President: Lloyd Lewis

Vice President: Jeff Klarr

Treasurer: Kathy Bartus

Recording Secretary: Hazel Lewis

Trustee/Slip Manager: Erik Kokeny

1 Year Trustee: Mark Webberly

2 Year Trustee: Amy Trudell

2 Year Trustee: Cheryl Cathcart

3 Year Trustee: Open

Immediate Past President: Eric Siegel