CSCA Annual Meeting Minutes


Chetolah Shores Civic Association Annual Meeting Minutes

May 8, 2014

6:30-7:15 registration, dues collection, launch key purchase

I. President Eric Siegel introduced present board members and welcomed a

group of new and established residents. He pointed out that our new,
greatly improved

website is up and running. It is easy to navigate, and has a quick link
to complete to

contact the board for any questions or issues. The board is also working
to streamline

our e-mail and voicemail responses.

II. Treasurer Patty Costigan presented a comprehensive financial report
of the CSCA

expenses and revenue from 2011 to present and explained the balance

general subdivision-wide expenses and dock expenses.

III. President Eric Siegel offered a listing of several neighborhood

completed this year. Among them, installation of security cameras and
lighting at Cass

Lake boat launch (to be completed 5/l4), updating website and Facebook,

and updates of signage, update and maintenance of voicemail and e-mail,

social events, and resolution of homeowner issues.

IV. Trustee Lloyd Lewis described some on-going and future initiatives.
He explained

the repairs and replacements of docks on both Cass and Elizabeth Lakes,
pointing out

the improved safety and appearance. We have hired a lawn service that
maintains the

common areas (launch, lot 19, island at Chipman and Charest, Elizabeth
Lake beach)

on a weekly basis.

Slip Manager Tina Green discussed CSCA financial support for the

Lake fireworks, and well as how individuals can help resume this annual
holiday event.

There will be a link on the CSCA website to the fireworks website for


Trustee Mark Webberly described the exciting Elizabeth Lake beach

improvement plans. He, along with a few neighbors including a structural

have created the plans and will provide the physical labor. Any help
would be greatly

appreciated, and he asked that anyone willing contact him after the
meeting. (He was

delighted that four neighbors volunteered at the meeting!) This beach
is a great asset

that is available to all of our neighborhood.

V. The general terrible condition of our streets was brought up.
Resurfacing must be

approved by 51% of residents on the street, and a special assessment
would be added

to their taxes to pay for it. Pothole repair is the responsibility of
Oakland County Road

Commission and they need to be contacted. There is a direct link on our
website to do


VI. Questions and concerns regarding the mandatory dues were raised by

The CSCA by-laws were reviewed and discussed. After lengthy discussions,
it was

brought together to make a recommendation.

A question was raised regarding how improvements are determined and

prioritized. This is done by board consensus at our (mostly) monthly
meetings. Ideas

and concerns can be e-mailed or called in, or a resident can attend a
board meeting.

The dates and agendas are posed on the website. Anyone wishing to attend

need to contact President Eric Siegel through the website to confirm and

Hazel Lewis for any agenda items to add.

VII. Secretary Hazel Lewis shared that the existing board officers all
have agreed to

serve for another year. However, if there were any members in good
standing who

would like to be considered, they needed to speak up. None did so. The
motion to

reelect the present board officers was made, seconded and approved. Our

manager resigned and the board asked for volunteers for that position.
There being

none, Trustee Lloyd Lewis agreed to take over that position, leaving his
two year trustee

position open for next year. Resident Nick Jahn volunteered. Trustee

moved, seconded and approved. Thank you, Nick, and welcome!

2014 CSCA Board




Recording Secretary

1 Year Trustee

2 Year Trustee

2 Year Trustee

3 Year Trustee

3 Year Trustee

Slip Manager

Eric Siegel

Erik Kokeny

Patty Costigan

Hazel Lewis

Kathy Bartus

Nick Jahn (completing 2nd year of Lloyd Lewis term)

Mark Webberly

Cheryl Cathcart

Amy Trudell

Lloyd Lewis

VIII. Meeting adjourned at 8:40

Respectfully submitted,

Hazel Lewis

Recording Secretary