CSCA Annual Meeting Minutes


Chetolah Shores Civic Association

Annual Membership Meeting

May 11, 2017

The meeting was called to order by President Lloyd Lewis at 7:02 p.m.

The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Acting Treasurer Jacquelynn
Brown. The balance as of

5/1/6 was $7,679.05. Total revenue (from membership dues, dock rentals
and keys) was

$16,070.00. Expenses totaled $14,069.81. The ending balance on 4/30/17
was $9,679.24.

Lloyd introduced and thanked the 2016 Board: Hazel Lewis – Secretary,
Patty Costigan –

Treasurer (resigned due to personal time constraints), Jacquelynn Brown

  • Trustee and Acting

Treasurer, Kathy Bartus, Vice President, Jennifer Sitto – Trustee
(resigned due to personal time

constraints), John Coumoundouros – Trustee, Alex Smith – Trustee, Cheryl
Cathcart – Trustee.

Lloyd presented the purpose and mission of CSCA – to make Chetolah
Shores the best possible

place to live, play and enjoy. He outlined the 2016-17 improvement
accomplishments (as listed

in meeting agenda) and the future initiatives and improvements:

 Continue efforts listed above

 Improve access to Elizabeth Lake beach

 Investigating increasing patrols of Cass Lake

 Additional ideas from residents.

Election of Officers:

The proposed slate of officers and Board members was presented:


Lloyd Lewis

Vice President

John Coumoundoros


Kathy Bartus


Hazel Lewis

1-Year Trustee


2-Year Trustee

Alex Smith

2-Year Trustee

Jacquelynn Brown

3-Year Trustee

Cheryl Cathcart

3-Year Trustee


Lloyd asked for volunteers for the two Trustee positions, and Jiri Culik
volunteered for the 3Year Trustee, and Kelly Ratkowski volunteered for
the 1-Year Trustee positions. Hazel Lewis

asked for approval of the proposed slate. Approval was unanimous.

Old Business:

Lloyd again outlined the process for repair of roads. A special
assessment zone of 51% of the

people/frontage that directly abuts their property (each concerned
street) must sign a petition.

The County will then do an engineering study to create a SAD (Special
Assessment District) and

evaluate cost and feasibility. Lloyd left information for those

trucks on our already poor roads. Lloyd advised we cannot take advantage
of this with

Waterford Township, because as a subdivision, CSCA does not have
mandatory dues.

New Business:

A question was raised about excessive speed on our streets, especially
Oregon and Coshocton.

Lloyd advised calling the Waterford Police Non-Emergency number
(248-674-0351), and they

will respond.

Tina Green passed along a flyer with information for the Elizabeth Lake
Fireworks (Fri. July 7),

including the list of fundraisers. CSCA made a donation in past years,
and she hopes they will


A brochure was available to join the Waterford Township Friends of the
Library. They are

revamping their organization and will be having a book sale in the

The letter carrier Stamp Out Hunger program is this Saturday, May 13.
Please leave nonperishable food donations in a bag near your mailbox.

There being no further business to come before the meeting, it was
adjourned at 7:48 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Bartus

Acting for Hazel Lewis, Secretary