CSCA Annual Meeting Minutes


Chetolah Shores Civic Association

Annual Membership Meeting

May 12, 2016

The meeting was called to order by President Lloyd Lewis at 7:00 p.m.

The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Kathy Bartus. The balance as of
5/15/15 was

$4,470.84. Income from membership dues, dock rentals and keys was
$15,289.14. Expenses

totaled $12,070.28. The balance on 4/30/16 was $7,689.70.

Lloyd outlined the 2015-2016 accomplishments including:

o Maintaining and improving common property

o Developing beach and installed a dock on Lot 19

o Installed a kayak rack at Cass Lake launch

Lloyd thanked Erik Kokeny for his help at both the Cass Lake launch and
Lot 19.

Mark Webberly reported the Elizabeth Lake fireworks were held last year
on the Friday after

the 4th and will be held on Friday, July 8, 2016. He also reported that
we chipped in with other

subdivisions/homeowner associations to retain Sherriff Patrol on
Elizabeth Lake. We have had

contact with the Marine Division on Cass Lake but we have been unable to
make progress on

getting contact information for other homeowner associations.

Jackie Brown explained the distribution of Welcome Packets to new
residents and asked if

anyone had information on new residents to provide it to her.

Regarding future initiatives and improvements, resident Kim Rasas on
Oklahoma asked about

removal of trees near Rinoco.

Resident Sarah Beckman asked that we remove the old set of wooden steps
sitting on the

Elizabeth Lake boat site.

Resident suggested addition of reflective tape on the posts of the kayak
rack at the Cass Lake

launch for safety purposes.

Resident Paula Romeus complained about Lot M at Chipman and Charest. The
neighbor has

felled trees, accelerated erosion and exceeded his land by 50 feet. She
would like CSCA to

provide for a boundary corner stake/survey of Lot M and a fence. If she
raises the funds, she

believes CSCA should make these improvements. A LONG discussion ensued,
with many

suggestions given by resident members. Lloyd explained that all these
outlots are for the

benefit of all 460 residents collectively, but Waterford Township holds
the title and CSCA

attempts to oversee the properties. Waterford does not want
responsibility. He has spoken

many times to the Township, as well as attorneys. Unfortunately, it
would be cost prohibitive

to make headway, and the results may not be in our favor.

we could enhance it to make it available for more pontoons. Lisa Browne
advised CSCA had

tried in the past, and DEQ wouldn’t allow it.

Another resident asked about a blight situation on a vacant home and was
advised to call

Waterford Township.

Resident Mark Richards has lived at Rinoco and Oregon since the early
1970’s and would be a

good resource/contact person for any issues with the “Punch Bowl”

Roads – Lloyd reported that after talking to the County Road Commission,
they have been out

twice to repair primarily Oregon and Tecumseh. Unfortunately, the
repairs don’t last. The only

way for a permanent fix is to go through the process through the
Township. A Special

Assessment District, with a majority approval on each road. They will
then have information

meetings. If there is adequate expression of Interest (51% of frontage
or 51% of residents),

they will test and estimate cost. They will make individual
recommendations and

determination and will create a Special Assessment Tax Zone. Interested
parties will be under

no obligation until final stages. Lloyd presented a sign-up sheet for
those interested.

A resident asked about mandatory dues. He was advised that dues are not
mandatory but

necessary to keep a member in good standing.

Tina Green presented information about the Elizabeth Lake Fireworks.

Lloyd thanked the outgoing Vice President Jeff Klarr and Trustees – Mark
Webberly, Amy

Trudell and Erik Kokeny for their service to CSCA.

Lloyd presented the 2016 proposed slate of officers:

Lloyd Lewis

Kathy Bartus

Hazel Lewis

Patti Costigan

Cheryl Cathcart

Jacqueline Brown

John Coumoudorous

Jennifer Sitto

Alex Smith



Vice President








Hazel Lewis asked for approval of the proposed slate. Approval was

There being no further business to come before the meeting, it was
adjourned at 8:37 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Bartus

Acting for Hazel Lewis, Secretary