CSCA Annual Meeting Minutes


CSCA General Membership Meeting Minutes

May 14, 2009

7pm / Waterford Library

Introductions (Pat-President)

Board members in attendance: Pat, Mark, Cheryl, Tina

(c/o from Spring ’08) Boat Launch Fence Repair Update (Pat-President)

Pat to call for fence estimates.

Boat Launch/Outlot Clean Up, Saturday 10am, meet at Cass Lake Launch
(MarkVice President) bring rakes, trimmers, garbage bags, lawn waste
bags. Pizza &

Pop served for workers.

Rescheduled to May 30th due to poor weather.

Mrs. Gonzales volunteered to plant flowers on Chipman/Charest Circle

Discuss possibility of installing boat docks on Lot 19 (is there room?
Water deep

enough?). Or install dock for fishing? (Mark-VP)

Motion passed to make Lot 19 a useable lot; clean up, bring in fill, add


Vote; to change By Laws to have 1 annual general membership

in the spring (due to lack of attendance in the fall).

Motion passed.

Treasurer Report (Anne-Treasurer)

Anne not in attendance, will forward financial report to new Treasurer &


“Meet and Greets” to get to know your neighbors (Tina-Trustee)

Host-Lisa – Summer Solstice Bonfire @ Lisa’s House, Friday, June 19th,

Host-Tina – Bonfire @ Tina’s house (TBD)

Elizabeth Lake Fireworks – July 11, rain date July 12 – Association to

donation to fireworks from membership dues.

Cass Lake Sandbar Gathering, Saturday July 25th, 12-5?pm

Fall Pancake Breakfast @ Elizabeth Lk Beach/Slip area, Sat. Sept 12, 9am

Annual Neighborhood Garage Sale (first weekend of June?) Assoc. to

Annual Perennial Plant Exchange (Spring? Fall? On Lot 19, Christine to


Check website for further info:

Need for picnic tables or benches for outlots (replace ones at Lot 19 &
Eliz Lk

beach) (Tina -Trustee)

Motion passed for cost – Jim & Eric to research durable, cost effective

Punch Bowl Clean Up (Tina -Trustee)

down trees & rubbish). Funds not available, fund raiser or donation


Clean up tabled again due to lack of funds. Jim to check on another
estimate for

clean up.

Lisa to form sub committee for options & meet with Township to see what
is ‘legal’

to clear from punch bowl.

Motion passed to post “illegal dumping sign” at punch bowl, Tina to
check into

sign costs.

Elections - 2009/2010 Board Elected:

President – Jim Talkington

Vice President – Eric Siegel

Treasurer – Diane Clark (also volunteered for Cass Lk Slip Mgr)

Secretary – Susan Nemshick

1 year Trustee – Pat Podkul

2 year Trustee (filled even years) – Lisa Browne

2 year Trustee (filled odd years) – Cimbery VanDerKeere

3 year Trustee (filled every 3rd year, starting 1988): Cheryl Cathcart

3 year Trustee (filled every 3rd year, starting 1989): Tina Green

Open Floor

Eric Siegel – road improvements

Diane Clark – check into disposal collection on one day to minimize
traffic of

large trucks in neighborhood.

Lanny & David volunteered to hand deliver CSCA newsletter to gain

e mail addresses, involvement. Cheryl to get newsletter to Lanny after

meeting on May 20th.