CSCA Annual Meeting Minutes


Chetolah Shores Civic Association

General Membership Meeting

May 16, 2019

The meeting was called to order by President Lloyd Lewis at 7:10 p.m.

Lloyd introduced the 2018/2019 Board of Directors: President – Lloyd
Lewis; Vice President, Boat Slip

Manager – John Coumoundouros; Treasurer – Kelly Ratowski; Recording
Secretary – Hazel Lewis; 2-year

Trustee, Grounds and Maintenance Manager – Alex Smith; 1-Year Trustee –
Patrick Hickey; 2-Year

Trustee – Cheryl Cathcart; 3-Year Trustee – Jacquelynn Brown; 3-Year
Trustee – Jiri Culik and thanked

the Board for their service.

Trustee Jacquelynn Brown is very active in township/local affairs. She
prepared a tri-fold display and

brought flyers and information about Parks & Rec, the Historical
Society, NoHaz dates and locations,

Friends of Library, and the Commissioners’ annual report. She is also
following the Township Board of

Trustees activities, especially their progress on the single hauler
issue (trash pick up). She reminded us

all of important upcoming dates: Memorial Day Parade on Dixie Hwy. on
5/27; St. Mary’s Fair; the

Elizabeth Lake fireworks on 7/12 and the Cass Lake fireworks on 7/7;
Riverwalk on 8/24.

Thanks Jacque!

Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer Kelly Ratowski reported on 2018-19
finances. We had a beginning

balance on 5/1/18 of $8924.57, revenue of $17,816.75, expenses of
$19,832.14, and a balance as of

4/30/19 of $6,909.18.

Lloyd presented the Purpose and Mission of the Association. We are a
voluntary association serving to

enhance and make our neighborhood a better place, and to protect and
maintain our common property.

We maintain a website containing the by-laws, maps and history. We do
everything we can with a

limited budget and volunteer help to enhance the quality of life and
improve our environment.

2018-2019 Accomplishments:

• Maintain and improve common property, including tree removal and

• Improve dock on Elizabeth Lake beach

• Maintain kayak rack at Cass Lake launch

• Maintain Elizabeth Lake docks and beach areas

• Support Elizabeth Lake fireworks

• Immediately notify all neighbors whenever there is an emergency,
criminal activity (vandalism,

break-ins, etc.), lost pets through CSCA email and Facebook

• Paid for increased Sheriff patrol on Cass Lake

• Maintain boat launch which is available to residents

• Provide Welcome Packets to new residents

• Continue efforts to protect our outlots from encroachment

• Future initiatives and improvements – Continue those above. If
residents have any ideas, please

let the Board know.

Amy Hunke, a neighbor on Coshocton has been working to enlist residents
to work to improve our

crumbling roads. She and Lloyd again reviewed the SAD (Special
Assessment District) process to

and e-mail.

Other residents brought up issues of concern. Kayakers would like us to
research a way for them to

more easily get in and out of their kayaks at the launch area. Alex and
Lloyd will look into what Dodge

Park has done. It was suggested that we replace the “NO WAKE”
signs/bouys that have disappeared at

the entrance to Gerundegut Bay. Lloyd will check with Sgt. Jex for
suggestions. Another resident shared

that he was able to move neighboring mailboxes to the front of their
homes, replacing old “gang” boxes

with the help of the Post Office. It was brought up that a neighbor is
dumping large quantities of dog

waste in the Punch Bowl. Lloyd will follow up. Question was brought up
if it is “legal” to blow leaves

into canals. Lloyd will contact DNR for clarification. There was also a
concern over what could be done

to improve the “slippery” conditions of the Cass Lake boat launch ramp.
We will contact the Dodge Park

rangers to see if they have a remedy. A resident pointed out that the
safety pole in front of the kayak

rack had been knocked over and thrown into the woods. The kayaks and
rack were undamaged, so the

pole did its job -- arrangements have been made to replace it.

Election of 2019/2020 Board – Hazel Lewis, Secretary

Proposed slate of board members:

President – Lloyd Lewis

Vice President/Boat Slip Manager – John Coumoundouros

Secretary – Hazel Lewis

Treasurer – Kelly Ratowski

1-Year Trustee – Patrick Hickey

2-Year Trustee – Cheryl Cathcart

2-Year Trustee/Grounds and Maintenance Supervisor – Alex Smith

3-Year Trustee – Jiri Culik

3-Year Trustee – Jacquelynn Brown

The membership unanimously elected the slate of officers as presented.

There being no further business to come before the meeting, it was
adjourned at 7:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Hazel Lewis