CSCA Annual Meeting Minutes


CSCA Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, July 8, 2019 7:30 PM

Kelly’s Home

Present: Lloyd, Hazel, Kelly, Patrick, John, Alex

Absent: Jiri, Cheryl, Jacque

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 by president Lloyd Lewis. Thank
you to Kelly for a

delightful dinner!

President’s Report – Lloyd

Slip assignments and wait lists

Most slip assignments have been completed. One slip needs a repair

filling. Alex said his company will complete the work for approximately

Waitlists are current.

Neighbor disputes

Coshocton -- the board discussed a conflict between neighbors who are

to an outlot. The board determined that the neighbors will have to
resolve the

conflict personally or in court.

Lawn Service v neighbor – our lawn service reported to Lloyd that a
neighbor is

tossing his lawn debris over the fence onto an outlot. Our lawn service

talked to him about it and was told basically to butt out. Lloyd advised
our guy to

leave it until fall when we will take care of it.

Treasurer’s Report –Kelly provided a detailed financial update. Current
balance $16,048,

but she has received additional receipts and disbursements not yet

We also have not received current mail for possible dues payments. She

detailed update of disbursements for May and June. She and Lloyd are

about our outstanding bill for attorney fees. Kelly will contact the
firm’s billing

office for an update on Tues. This will determine our future

Secretary Report – Hazel reported all correspondence, e-mail and website
up to date.

Trustee and Officer reports


Jacque, Cheryl, Patrick – Welcome packets, snail mail –

Patrick will catch up! Cheryl absent. Jacque absent.


Jacque – update on Waterford trash contract - absent


Kelly – updated resident data base -will catch up!


Alex – grounds and maintenance

1. Broken arms on kayak rack – on list for repair

2. Broken post in front of kayak rack- on list for repair

3. Draining launch area – Alex described the options for a French

drain. The cost would be approximately $1500. Need to research further

see if the road commission would be involved. Do we need a permit from


5. Alex will again empty the trash barrels routinely


Jiri and John – security – no report

Lloyd and Kelly – Lloyd and Kelly had prepared budget projections for
balance of this fiscal

year, including our fixed expenses and future discretionary spending. We

donations for fireworks and sheriff’s patrol for this year. We discussed
whether to continue

our CSCA General Liability Insurance. Its coverage is fairly limited,
and it is costly with a

annual premium of $2,050. Questions: Could we make “payments”? Should we

“drop” it? Should we continue in case of catastrophic event? Do we have
the money we in

our budget for this fiscal year?

We will find the information to these questions and report back to the
board to make the

decision of whether or not to continue.

John and Lloyd – Update on lawsuit. Our attorney is preparing necessary
legal responses.

The suit may not be resolved for several months.

Meeting adjourned 9:00.

Next board meeting scheduled for Tuesday, August 27 at 6:30 at Patrick’s