CSCA Annual Meeting Minutes


Chetolah Shores Fall General Membership Meeting Minutes

September 22, 2005 / 7:30pm / Haviland Media Center

Board Members Present: Dianne, Anne, Darcie, Tina, Cheryl, Jeff

Open Meeting (Dianne)

Discuss Cass Lake boat launch vandalism to several boats; In the spring
several boats

were vandalized, or had items stolen (radios, batteries, fire
extinguishers, etc.). Police

reports were filed. Dianne talked with Waterford Police Department and
was informed it

was part of ‘common spring activities’ around the lakes, several
neighborhoods in the

area also reported vandalism at the same time.

Discussed the arson fires – letters were written the the parole board by

neighborhood families stating why they think the younger Garcia boy
should not be

released until he receives the help he needs, also requesting he not be
allowed back in our

neighborhood. Letters will be taken under advisory by the parole board.

Discuss open positions on the Board, request neighborhood participation

responsibility. Request volunteers to take on event planning.

Vote to Update By Laws – motion passed (attachment).

Review Financial Statement – Anne (attached)

Explain why we ‘got out of the garbage business’ – CSCA was basically
losing money by

providing members with discounted trash pick up (fuel increases, billing
costs, time

wasted on the phone every billing period for over bills). Not to mention
the verbal abuse

received if a homeowner was accidentally missed on trash pick up day.

New Website introduced! Darcie is working on a CSCA website to hold
billing dates,

meeting and event dates, outlot clean up dates, meeting agendas &
minutes, boat launch

wait lists, announcements, by laws, neighborhood map, etc. An e-mail
account was set

up for comments and suggestions.



Discuss membership initiative drive to gain additional members (offer
good thru end of

year) – if any current member gets 2 homeowners to join, they get a $25
gas card – once

the members have paid their annual maintenance dues. Get 5 homeowners to
join, get a

$50 gas card. Discuss ways to get members interested in the association.

Possible events for the fall; cider/donut get together and CSCA Home
tour (Rich

Beckman suggestion, agreed to open up his home for ‘tours’ and CSCA to

refreshments). Tina & Dianne to coordinate date with homeowners.
Received a group of

volunteers to distribute flyers.

2005/2006 CSCA Board Members

President: John Hoppesch

Vice President: Matt Yessian

Treasurer: Anne Kersten

Secretary: Cheryl Cathcart

1 Year Trustee: Shelby Schmitzer

2 Year Trustee (filled even years): Dianne Tite

2 Year Trustee (filled odd years): Lisa Browne

3 Year Trustee (filled every 3rd year starting 1988): Jeff Mitchell

3 Year Trustee (filled every 3rd year starting 1989): Tina Green

Wetlands Protector: Dianne Tite

Boat Slip Manager: Dianne Tite

Web Master: Darcie Winiewicz

Meeting Closed.