CSCA Annual Meeting Minutes


CSCA General Membership Meeting Minutes

October 25, 2007 / 7:30pm

Waterford Township Library Room A & B

* Introductions (Anne - Treasurer)

Introduction of current Board Members

* Treasurer Report (Anne - Treasurer)

Anne reported that we are debt free for the first time in YEARS.

Attorney has been paid off in full.

Time to put “back into the neighborhood” (flowers at outlots, official

meeting signs, picnics, events, etc)

* Spring Outlot Clean up/BBQ (Anne - Treasurer)

Spring Outlot Clean up Scheduled for Saturday, May 17 ’08 (back up rain

date – June 7th) at Cass Lake Boat Launch-Slip Area 10:30 Meeting/11:00

Lunch/11:30 Clean Up

Tentatively planning “Adults Nite Out” (Meet and Greet) the night before

clean up, stay tuned to the web site for meeting place. Get to know your

neighbors – Get involved.

* Outlot Indicators (Anne - Treasurer)

Pat Podkul has volunteered to help John with installation of remaining

outlot indicator signs.

* Elections

Newly Elected Positions

President – Pat Podkul

Vice President - Bruce Tite

Treasurer - Anne Kersten (no change)

Secretary – Cheryl Cathcart (no change)

1 Year Trustee – Shelby Talkington (no change)

2 Year Trustee – Dan Greenhalgh

Also, no changes in the following positions that were not up for

2 Year Trustee (filled odd years): Lisa Browne

3 Year Trustee (filled every 3rd year starting 1988): Open

3 Year Trustee (filled every 3rd year starting 1989): Tina Green

* Current Boat Slip Holders to meet with Bob (wait

listers…everyone……welcome to join discussion)

Bob reviewed current slip wait list with interested parties. Updated
list is always

available at the meetings and we encourage you to make sure your name is

on the list (names are dropped from the list if dues are not kept

and current events from the CSCA website, please send us your e

mail address by visiting the website.

Motion passed to collect annual dues in the Spring, rather than fall to

have all monies (dues/slip maintenance) coming into the Treasurer at

the same time. Fiscal Year will end on Dec 31st and begin on January

1 of every year.

Talked about membership drive ideas, dropping the price of annual

dues to gain more membership, looking for ideas to get people

interested in their neighborhood. Possibility of Sunday afternoon

‘neighborhood walk group’, meet at Cass Lake Boat Launch on

Sunday afternoons to get to know your neighbors, become aware of

community outlots and locations. Further information will be posted

on website.

Talked about switching Elizabeth Lake Slip area with Beach area,

more room for current slip holders at current beach area? (no ‘pinch

points’ from neighboring docks?). And….lake bottom is better for

swimming at current slip area. Bob (Slip Manager) to assess areas.

Mark Gliha spoke to the group about a possible interest in CERT

(Community Emergency Response Team) members from the

neighborhood. Mark to get information to John to post on the


Attendance was low as usual, of aprox. 480+ homeowners, about 30

showed (very disappointing). Hoping to be able to get back to

Haviland Elementary for meetings, the school was temporarily

unavailable due to security and budget constraints. Maybe this will

increase attendance. Those that come to support us are appreciated!