CSCA Annual Meeting Minutes


October 26, 2006 CSCA General Membership Meeting Minutes

7:30pm / Haviland Elementary Media Center

Introductions made by CSCA President, John

Members in attendance: John, Matt, Anne, Cheryl, Dianne, Lisa, Tina

Treasure Report made by Anne – best in 7 years! Debt reduced by $5000
since April 2006

Request for homeowner adjacent to Cass Lake Slip area & Elizabeth Lake
Beach to have

security lights connected to their ‘hard address’ at the request of DTE.
CSCA will still hold

responsibility for the lights, and the bills will be directed to the
CSCA post office box. These

homeowners not present at meeting, will put a note in the newsletter and
ask again at Spring

meeting. Tina has volunteered to check with the Elizabeth Lake adjacent
homeowners to see if

they would consider it.

Best Spring clean up participation in years, hope to keep up the
momentum. Major clean up

completed on major outlots.

Lot 19 & Elizabeth Lake Slip Area outlot indicators have been installed,
John Hoppesch to

complete the other 4 currently being addressed next week – more to come.

New CSCA website! Site address to be published in newsletter.

Necessary to table election to Spring 2007 due to low homeowner

Dianne reported out we have reduced the boat slip wait list
considerably, only 11 on Cass Lake

wait list at this time, and 8 on Elizabeth Lake. Quite an accomplishment
from past years.

A suggestion was made to update ByLaws and move the fiscal year to
Spring, hold elections at

the Spring meeting since attendance is higher and we usually end up
tabling them anyway.

Motion to pass will be brought up at Spring 2007 General Membership

Floor opened for comments.

Meeting closed.