CSCA Board Meeting Minutes


CSCA Board Meeting Minutes

April 20, 2016

Present: Lloyd Lewis, Hazel Lewis, Cheryl Cathcart, Jeff Klarr, Kathy
Bartus, Erik

Kokeny, Mark Webberly, Jacqueline Brown

Absent: Amy Trudell

1. The meeting was called to order by President Lloyd Lewis at 7:25

a. Welcome back – Lloyd

b. Meeting with attorney regarding outlot governance – Lloyd and Mark:


c. Updated waiver of liability – Lloyd: Wording updated to reflect
addition of

kayak rack rental and this year’s dates. Will be available at general

meeting for all involved to sign.

d. Updated dues letter – Lloyd: Reviewed by board. Cheryl suggested

adding “members in good standing” to clarify that dues are required for

residents to purchase other CSCA perks. Cheryl and Kathy have updated

our data base and will forward a copy to Lloyd and Hazel. Lloyd also

requested that we include our names on the dues letter to better

communicate with our neighbors. Approved.

e. Discussion about sub-committee meeting regarding software – Lloyd,

Hazel, Kathy: No decision was made at that time. This decision will be

for the new board to consider.

f. Proposed board membership – Lloyd: Returning board members: Lloyd,

Hazel, Kathy, Cheryl, Jacqui, Mark and Amy (? Possibly consolidate into

one position).

Not returning: Jeff, Erik

There will changes in responsibility of returning board members. All are

asked to survey neighbors and friends and try to recruit new members!

There will be an e-mail blast and postings on Facebook and our webpage

as well.

g. Our crumbling roads – Lloyd: Considerable neighborhood conversation

and activity hoping to repair/replace roads, particularly Oregon and

Tecumseh. It is felt that they are beyond repair and need total

replacement. Residents need to understand that this is not a CSCA issue,

but that we will help and support efforts of residents to resolve the


2. Treasurer Report – Kathy

a. Kathy presented a working copy of her report. It was clear, concise

complete for our purposes. We discussed how to present the report at the

general meeting and agreed to group expenses into a few categories to

further simplify the report. Kathy will prepare and present at general


3. Secretary Report – Hazel

a. No updates

4. Dock Report – Lloyd

a. Lloyd has contacted all non-paying dock holders by mail. Only one has

replied. He will continue to try to work with them.

a. Further discussion regarding data base updating and sharing. The

problem seems to be the time involved and the lack of familiarity of

members with the program. It was suggested that we research “hiring out”

at least part of the job. Erik and Jeff have possible contacts who might

interested. They will keep us informed.

b. Dues letter drafts have been sent to board members. Lloyd will copy

changes. Cheryl has labels completed, and Kathy has the envelopes.

Kathy will purchase stamps. Available board members will get together

asap to stuff and mail letters.

c. Lawn service bids – Lloyd: We will continue to use Troy (last year’s


d. Kayak Rack – Erik, Jeff: Will be installed by next week. Renters will

responsible for their own locks. Rental is $50/year. Need a sign saying

that the rack is CSCA property. Jeff has checked the security cameras

and they are working properly.

e. Lot 19 – Erik: Share pictures of how it looks now. Vast improvement.

Dock will be installed next week. Lloyd expressed his concerns regarding

the safety of the dock area, particularly for young children. It was

that we should fence in the front (sides are already fenced) with a

latch. Lloyd will investigate. Signage also needed here.

f. Signage – Amy: Amy will e-mail us sign updates.

6. Plan for General Meeting:

a. May 12 at Haviland Media Center. Board members are asked to come

early at 6:00 to help set up. All board members will be there except

Cheryl. We will work out a system to better service our residents after

log jam we suffered last year. We will open the doors for residents at

6:15, hoping to get through the lines by 7:00. Cheryl will provide hard

copies of the data to help expedite things. Erik agreed to provide some

sort of flyer with pictures of the improvements made this past year

included the kayak rack and lot 19 dock. Jacqui agreed to help. We will

plan to talk to residents about our need for data entry help as well as

recruiting new board members.

7. Meeting adjourned – approximately 9:15! Next meeting TBA.

Respectfully submitted,

Hazel Lewis

CSCA Secretary