CSCA Board Meeting Minutes


CSCA Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Present: Lloyd, Hazel, Cheryl, John, Alex, Jacqui

Absent: Kathy, Patty

1. Call to Order and President’s Report – Lloyd

The meeting was called to order by President Lloyd Lewis at 7:15

a. Welcome back! Lloyd announced that Jen Sitto resigned from the board

personal reasons as of 4/17. We thank her for her service and wish the

for her and her family.

b. Updated dues letter – Cheryl has updated our master list of residents

reflect Township records. She will copy the list for us to use to check
in at

the general meeting. There were suggestions to add to our dues letter

return slip. Lloyd noted that boat slip renters must include a copy of

boat registration with their slip and check. Cheryl requested that we

neighbors to join our Facebook page and this will be added to the dues

We have the envelopes and Cheryl had already prepared the mailing

She will add renters to the label list. She will also place the labels
on the

envelopes. Lloyd requested volunteers to help with “stuffing” the

as they need to be in the mail asap. Cheryl suggested a “Stuffing Party”

anyone available please come to Hazel and Lloyd’s house Monday 4/24 at

7:00 to help out! Bring a friend!

c. Proposed board membership – all members present agreed to stay on the

board for next year. Kathy had also said she will stay. Proposed slate:

President – Lloyd, Vice-President – John, Secretary – Kathy, Treasurer –

Hazel (although this position will be reconfigured with Jacqui sharing

responsibilities), Trustee/Slip Manager – Alex will consider this
position (with

Lloyd assisting in this transition year), Trustee – Cheryl, Trustee --

d. Crumbling roads – Lloyd and Jacqui attended Township meeting. Will

results at general meeting

e. Clarification regarding non-resident requests for slips – After

reviewing the by-laws, it was determined that only RESIDENTS in good

standing (dues paying) may be placed on waitlists. Home ownership does

not constitute residency.

f. Tree removal by Punch Bowl – Lloyd requested authorization to spend
up to

$500 to “fell” (not remove) two dead trees in the Punch Bowl that could

potentially damage property. Cheryl moved, unanimous approval.

g. Sheriff patrol on Cass lake – Sgt. Jex contacted Lloyd regarding

Jacqui and Jen have been working on contacting other Cass Lake

subdivision to share expenses.

h. Nextdoor Dodge Park group – Hazel thought there was some kind of sub

listing in that group. She will pursue for Jacqui.

i. Launch keys – Lloyd received a proposal from Majestic Security, owned

operated by a CSCA neighbor, for service call, master lock rekey, 75

stamped keys. The keys would be an upgrade in quality from the ones we

had so many break in the lock last year. Total cost: $230. The board

agreed to award the contract to Majestic.

j. Dinner reimbursement – agreed to $50.

Hazel reported that all correspondence, e-mails, and website are
current. Our

website provider bill is due in May, $400 for 3 years. Board approved

3. Financial Report – Jacqui

Jacqui is completing her financial review and will have it ready to
present at the

general meeting. Balance as of 2/28/17 is $9,046.88. There are still two
months of

statements to reconcile, and several outstanding bills to be paid. This
should all be

submitted to her before the general meeting.

4. Dock report – Lloyd -- No report

5. Trustee and Officer reports

a. Cheryl – updated data base and labels completed

b. Jacqui – continues to work on an association list for Sheriff patrol

c. Alex – received a quote of $350 to replace missing fence section at

Lake launch. John moved that we approve the expenditure, unanimous

approval. Further discussion on more improvements to lot 19. Alex will

develop a plan to improve access to the beach at Elizabeth Lake. He will

also move the extra picnic table to Elizabeth Lake beachJohn – He

to work on the light/camera improvements at the launch area. His last

estimate was $1900 for the required electrical infrastructure upgrade.

system has been off for the winter, but he will turn it back on

6. Plan for General meeting

a. Lloyd has had new signs made reflecting new location.

b. All board members present will assist at the meeting.

c. Hazel has met with the custodian at Crary and he will have the area
set up

as we want it. 3 tables at entrance: 1 for check in with data base; 2 to

dues, etc.; 3 for keys, waiver, waitlists.

d. Agenda to be created and sent to board for prior approval.

7. Next meeting: TBA

Respectfully submitted,

Hazel Lewis

CSCA Recording Secretary