CSCA Board Meeting Minutes

Remote meeting via phone/video
4/20/20 6:30 PM
Absent: Kelly

Agenda Items

  1. Preparing for 2020-21 in lieu of General Meeting
    Each of our current letters, dues notices, etc. need to be rewritten in light of our new on-line dues payments through our website. We will get these redrafted and out to the board for input by Tuesday. Our “Agreement for Use” form needs to be included on website and acknowledged before payment accepted.

    New letter, minus dues form, needs to be copied and sent via USPS. Self sticking evelopes and stamps have been ordered. We need to create new address lables. Cheryl is working with Keri at the township offices to get updated resident information. When she has this she can format the label template, but is unable to print the labels as in the past. We will research having the labels printed, or done on one of our home printers.

    It is recommended that key holders use 2019 keys temporarily until new ones can be made and distributed. Jiří suggested using 2019 keys for this season. Lloyd and John will continue to research best method for 2020 keys.

    Jiří is working to get our new website running. There is much to be done prior to “testing”. He is estimating we may be ready to test in a week or so. He is using a payment service called “Stripe” which costs 2.9% plus $.30 per transaction. It accepts all major credit cards, PayPal and ACH (bank to bank transfers).

    Instead of Fatcow (our present web host) which costs about $400/3 years,he is using an Amazon AWS for approximately $90/3 years.

  2. Non-renewal of D & O Insurance
    Our agent is shopping for replacement.

  3. 2019 membership data entered by Dennis
    23 hours @$30/hour as approved at Dec. meeting

  4. IRS Application for “not for profit” status
    Jiří completed application. We were unable to reconstruct 12 years of board membership history. Hazel and Lloyd constructed three years of financial data with checkbook and bank statements. Jiří clarified status. We should know within 90 days if granted.

  5. Financial update
    Approximately $3500 in checking. Hazel & Lloyd ordered stamps ($360) and envelopes. ($165) = $546. We need to order gate keys ($270) and copies of letters $65).

  6. 2020 Board Membership
    Hazel, Lloyd and Kelly are leaving the board. Next year’s board and nominated officers: Vice President: John; Secretary: Patrick; Treasurer: Jacque; Trustees: Cheryl and Alex. Jiří has been offered the presidency and is considering but not ready to commit. The board members are asked to check with friends and neighbors who might be willing to serve next year.

  7. Nancy’s letter
    To be e-mailed to neighborhood (about 50% of residents?) Will be sent Tuesday.

Trustee Reports

  • Alex
  • John
  • Jiří
    Requested that we move as quickly as possible to update the signatories on our checking account.
  • Jacque
    Requested that she and Lloyd meet to review Treasurer’s files.
  • Cheryl
  • Hazel
  • Patrick

Other Business

  1. How to manage unauthorized dock? After discussion, Jacque moved that
    Lloyd and John consult our attorney regarding private dock at a waterfront home in our neighborhood. Jiří seconded.

    Unanimous approval.

  2. Assigning slip to resident who owns abandoned boat? After notifying boat owner, Lloyd will contact sheriff to impound boat.

  3. General discussion regarding use of Facebook to help recruit new board members, using invitation letter. The page is not directly connect to the CSCA board. Hazel will contact the present admin to determine status.

  4. Next meeting will again be Monday, 5/18/20 at 6:30 using this same format.