CSCA Board Meeting Minutes


CSCA Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Present: Cheryl Cathcart, Jacque Brown, John Coumoundouros, Alex Smith,

Ratowski, Hazel Lewis, Lloyd Lewis

Absent: Jiri Culik, Patrick Hickey

The meeting was called to order by President Lloyd Lewis at 7:30 pm, who

welcomed all returning members of the board. The board reviewed a packet

several issues:

1. Updated dues letter and dues form: After review, Kelly offered

suggestions for improvement. The board agreed, and she will prepare

revised forms for the board’s approval.

2. Proposed 2019 board members: All members present agreed to serve

next year. Hazel will contact Jiri and Patrick to confirm their

3. Update regarding several neighborhood conflicts: Lloyd briefly
brought the

board up to date on some on-going neighbor conflicts. Some will be left

the neighbors involved to resolve, one appears to have been dropped, and

one dispute has been referred to our attorney.

4. Signage: Lloyd requested board approval to purchase 3 additional

used for informing the neighborhood of our annual meetings. Moved by

Jacque, seconded by Kelly, unanimous approval.

5. Launch keys: 2019 keys have been purchased and delivered.

6. Sheriff’s patrol: Lloyd has sent out letters to known subdivisions
on Cass

Lake to solicit contributions to the fund. The representative from

Pointe, which contributed last year, has been contacted, but we have not

received commitment yet. If they, or any others do not contribute, we

back out as well. We have secured a location for the Sheriff’s boat
again this

year if we continue to use their services.

7. Order pre-printed mailing envelopes: Board agreed to the purchase of

additional envelopes for the mass mailing of dues letters. Postage has

purchased. We scheduled another “stuffing party” to get letters ready to

Monday, 7:00 Lloyd and Hazel’s house for wine, beer and stuffing!

Treasurer Kelly reported a balance of $7282. She requested motion to

additional funds for attorney fees. Cheryl motioned we approve $3000 for

fees, seconded by Jacque, unanimous approval. Lloyd requested that any

bills be brought to board for discussion before payment.

Kelly had requested help with some of the Treasurer duties last year.
She has

agreed to continue keeping our data base up to date – a very large task,
but Lloyd and

Hazel will take over the checkbook and routine paying of bills, freeing
Kelly up for her

agreed to duties.

Secretary Hazel reported website and Facebook pages up to date. All

correspondence current.

Trustee and officer reports:

1. Jacque, Cheryl, Patrick: Welcome packets, snail mail current. Jacque

continues to work with township offices to develop a workable way for us

identify new neighbors in a timely fashion. Cheryl resolved the issue of
our P.O.


2. Jacque is also keeping close tabs on the Waterford board’s work on

company trash pickup. So far there has been little or no movement, and

appears it was stuck with the legal counsel preparing a revised
ordinance. It now

Jacque will keep on top of developments.

3. Cheryl has mailing labels prepared. She got updated residents lists
at the

township offices. Kelly will maintain updated list in our data base.

4. Alex will repair or replace the damaged fence section. He will
install the dock on

Elizabeth Lake. There was further discussion on the removal of the

dock placed in the CSCA launch area, and its replacement. John, Alex and

Lloyd will review situation.

5. John and Jiri will work on security lights and cameras after Jiri’s
return. Lloyd

has the batteries stored in his home.

The board reviewed the agenda for the General meeting scheduled for

May 16. Jacque suggested we add a picture of Elizabeth Lake to it. Hazel
will follow

up. The Facility Request has been obtained. The signs will be posted the
week of the

meeting. Notification has been posted on our website. We will again set
up 3 tables for

ease of traffic flow:

1 – check in and update of our database, complete dues form and collect.

2 – collect dues, fees and complete receipt

3 – bring receipt to collect keys, sign waiver, sign up on waitlists.

Jacque will again provide the informational tri-fold poster she has in
the past.

Schedule next meeting: TBD

Meeting adjourned 8:40 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Hazel Lewis, CSCA Secretary