CSCA Board Meeting Minutes


Monday, 05-17-2020 6:30 PM

Present: Lloyd, Hazel, Jiri, Patrick, Cheryl, John, Jacque, Alex B., Adam H

Absent: Kelly, Alex S.

Agenda Items/President’s Report
  1. Call to Order
    President Lloyd Lewis called the meeting to order at 6:45 PM.

  2. Non-renewal of our D & O Policy
    Lloyd submitted an application to our insurance agent who is working to find us a new D & O policy (Directors & Officers). We are covered by our old policy until 06/20/2020.

  3. New lawn mowing service
    Seasonal Property Maintenance will be maintaining the landscaping at our common areas (Cass Lake Boat Launch, Elizabeth Lake Dock Area, Elizabeth Lake Beach, and Sunset Park). Lloyd is pleased with his first week’s work. He charges $25 less per week than the vendor we used last year. Lloyd received a Certificate of Liability insurance from him.

  4. New board member volunteers
    Adam Holcomb, Tami Robertson and Alex Bodi. The board discussed the best way for the residents to vote on the new slate and Cheryl moved to send an email blast allowing residents to vote by reply. Jiri seconded. Motion carried. The following slate was approved: President - Jiri Culik; Vice President - John Coumoundouros; Secretary - Patrick Hickey; Treasurer - Jacquelynn Brown; 1 year trustee - Cheryl Cathcart; 2 year trustee - Alex Bodi; 2 year trustee -- Tami Robertson; 3 year trustee - Alex Smith; 3 year trustee - Adam Holcomb

  5. Boat launch inspection
    John C., Adam H. and Lloyd reviewed our slip waitlist and looked at possible slip assignments. At this point we are aware of several unassigned slips to be filled from the list. We also found several trip zones at dock ends and have asked Alex to make necessary repairs.

  6. Dock dispute
    At our last meeting we reviewed a dispute with a resident who was using a dock without authority from CSCA. The board authorized a potential agreement which we then reviewed with our attorney. He supported the solution. Lloyd met with the resident and came to full resolution. Lloyd has a signed agreement with the resident who also paid last year’s, and this year’s slip fees and dues.

  7. Attorney Invoice
    Lloyd consulted with our attorney regarding a bill we received from a different attorney for work from last summer. The bill was dated for work well after we had hired the new attorney and billed us for what I believe is clerical work. Our attorney recommended that we not pay this bill without a fuller explanation. The board will need to review the attorney’s response and the bill and at that point decide how you want to proceed.

  8. By-Laws/Governing Rule Changes
    As Jiri was building the new website and reviewing Association governing rules Lloyd noticed a couple of statements that needed to be updated. Current rule states “slip holders must be homeowners and members in good standing”. That has not been our practice and it conflicts with the by-law that allows renters to be members in good standing. Lloyd proposed that this rule be changed by eliminating “homeowners”. The rules also state that members can report concerns on our voicemail, which we no longer have. Language needs to be updated. Lloyd proposed that these changes be added and the board approved.

  9. Thank you to Attorney Misuraca
    For help in providing legal certification for our EV certificate request.

  10. Expenditures for board to consider at future meetings
    Install signs at boat launch area including “Caution Slippery Launch surfaces” and a second sign “Be considerate – clean up after your dog”

  11. Elizabeth Lake Fireworks
    We have a request for a donation to the Elizabeth Lake Fireworks. Lloyd suggests that the Board wait until next month to see our financial status, and social distancing rules.

Secretary’s Report
  1. Hazel will work with Patrick on how we have handled “Contact Us” requests in the past. Also, she will provide all older files on a flash drive.

Treasurer’s Report
  1. Lloyd presented the Treasurer’s Report in lieu of the Treasurer. Our regular monthly bills are on autopay: DTE $24.54/month and T-mobile $56.16/month. A disbursement was paid to Lloyd for reimbursement for mailing supplies of $613.83. There were no revenues since the last meeting. We have an actual balance of approximately $2,800.00 plus new dues deposits in the last couple of days. The current bank balance as of today was $3,395.07.

Trustee Reports
  1. Patrick
    One new owner received a welcome packet

  2. Cheryl
    Will continue to pick up mail from P.O. box and take it to Jacque for deposit, etc.

  3. Jacque
    Working on getting signatories changed at Comerica. Annual Letter to be drafted to Comerica Bank regarding change in signatories to remove Kelly Ratowski, Lloyd Lewis, and Hazel Lewis and to add Jacquelynn Brown and Patrick Hickey. Letter to be signed by lead officers of the board and presented to the bank.

  4. Jiri
    Things are going well with the new online system. We all have a big learning curve. Lloyd requested that we add to our email blast to residents a change to our by-laws changing our fiscal year to align with the calendar year. This would not affect dues/fees payment .The board agreed and it will be added to e-mail and sent tomorrow.

Other Business
  1. Schedule next meeting: June 11, 2020 at 06:30PM (will most likely be remote).

  2. The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Hazel Lewis

CSCA Secretary