CSCA Board Meeting Minutes


Chetolah Shores Civic Association Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, May 22, 2018, 6:30 PM

John’s Home

1. Call to Order – Lloyd

Attending: Lloyd, John, Alex, Kelly, Patrick, Jacque, Hazel

Absent: Cheryl, Jiri.

Meeting was called to order at 7:30 by President Lloyd Lewis. Thank you

Nancy and John for an outstanding dinner!

2. President’s report

a. Lloyd welcomed back all returning board members.

b. A special welcome to new trustee, Patrick Hickey

c. Lloyd reviewed this years’ board responsibilities.

John has served as Vice-President and has worked diligently with Jiri on

our light/camera security system at the Cass Lake launch. He takes on

the dock and launch area duties this coming year.

Jiri has researched, designed, and helped purchase our newest camera

and security lights at the launch.

Alex, Trustee and grounds and maintenance supervisor has continued to

keep our common areas in good condition. Under agreement, he charges

an hourly rate for small jobs, and provides estimates and/or contracts

the board for approval for larger jobs.

Jacque, Trustee, has taken on community outreach, providing us with

important formation regarding events and concerns in Waterford. She,

and Cheryl provide Welcome Packets to new residents. They are working

on a plan to be better notified about the arrival of new neighbors.

Kelly, Trustee, has taken on the job of updating our data entry process

entry, organization, etc. This year she will be Treasurer and is

our financial records in Excel.

Cheryl, Trustee, routinely retrieves mail from our P.O. box, and keeps

contact with the township clerk’s office to keep our resident records


Hazel, Treasurer, has maintained all the financial records and

bookkeeping this year. She also maintains our webpage, monitors e-mail

and keeps our g-mail account updated.

Cheryl, Hazel and previous Secretary, Kathy Bartus discussed the

possibility of cancelling our phone service. It is rarely used, and then

mainly for title company inquiries. There was concern that “older

residents” might not have access to internet for email, but our informal

survey revealed no such phone calls have come in over recent years.

Jacque made a motion to drop the service giving two months notice to

residents, Kelly supported, and a unanimous yes vote was recorded.

d. Expenditure approvals

1. Motion to contribute $500 to support the new Cass Lake 4th of July

Fireworks. Discussion regarding who are the organizers, and

should we reach out to learn more about the plans, etc. We have

not been contacted directly for a donation. It was suggested that

perhaps we could encourage them to financially support our Cass

Lake sheriff patrol initiative. Motion approved by 5 yea, 2 no.

fireworks made by Hazel. Discussion regarding their lost big donor

support, but that the neighborhood is continuing the fireworks with

other donations. Seconded by Jacqui. Unanimous approval.

e. Lloyd has been in contact with our neighbor who volunteered to

spearhead the effort to repave Oregon, Coshocton and possibly

Tecumseh. He feels that we should offer financial support for postage,

printing costs, and access to our data base for owners’ addresses.

Jacque moved that Lloyd be authorized to spend up to $300 to support the

paving initiative, Patrick seconded. Unanimous approval.

f. Sheriff patrol update: Elizabeth Lake has cancelled patrols for this

season. Cass Lake will begin patrols shortly. We have financial support

from Ward’s Pointe, and potentially from Zox. Patrols will be on

weekends, and unannounced in advance.

g. Lloyd reported that our kayak rack is full for this season and we
have two

on our wait list. John asked if we should consider another rack. We will

wait to see how the wait list looks this season.

3. Treasurer Report – Hazel and Kelly

We reviewed previous reports. Financially we have basically the same

sheet as last year. Kelly reported dues receipts of $7470.00, but there
are still

many slip holders and key holders who have not yet paid. After this
deposit our

account balance will be $16348.00.

4. Secretary Report -- Hazel

a. The minutes of the general membership meeting of 5/10/18 were

presented for approval. Corrections made, and unanimously

approved as corrected. Hazel will post to website.

b. A new bank signators form to place Kelly’s name on checking

account was circulated for signatures. Kelly and Hazel will

complete follow up work.

5. Trustee and Officer Reports

a. Jacque, Cheryl – Welcome packets, voice mail, snail mail reports

up to date. Kelly suggested checking Zillow

for recent sales in our sub to get up to date information on new

neighbors. Jacque will follow through.

c. Jacque -- Jacque, Lloyd and Hazel attended the township board

meeting regarding single hauler trash service for the township.

While the requests have been on the “back burner” for some time,

one of the board members agreed to follow through with their

attorney to determine what the residents want specifically

included,in their service and move on from there. Jacque met with

Tony Bartolotta, who reiterated that he needs to meet with their

attorney to draft an ordinance before they can proceed.

d. Alex – grounds and maintenance – Alex had concerns about

whether our lawn service completed spring clean-up. Lloyd will

check. He is awaiting fence parts for repair at Cass Lake launch.

some kayaker’s concerns about landing their boats. They will look

into landing supports. John had concerns about the parking area at

the launch and standing water. Discussion regarding digging a

trench to divert the water into the woods. Further investigation


e. John and Jiri – security lights and cameras – John reports that he

and Jiri would like to purchase a solar panel power monitor - $81.

Also needed is a charging system for camera batteries. Total

expense $150 approved. He reported that right now the cameras

are “eating data” quickly and they may need to purchase an

additional data plan. Jiri will investigate. They are also considering

a fifth camera.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 9:10.

The next meeting was scheduled for June 27, 6:30 at Kelly’s home

Respectfully submitted,

Hazel Lewis, CSCA Recording Secretary