CSCA Board Meeting Minutes


CSCA Board Meeting

Monday, June 3, 2019

John and Nancy’s Home

Present: John C., Cheryl C., Jiri C., Alex S, Kelly R., Hazel L., Lloyd

Jacque B., Patrick H.

The meeting was called to order at 7:30. Thanks to John and Nancy for a


President’s report: 1. Abandoned kayak locked on Cass Lake kayak rack:

has put a sign on it asking for removal, a blast e-mail was sent out to
residents, and a

request was made on our Facebook page, all with no response. After
discussion, Jiri

moved to have it removed/impounded. Seconded by Patrick, approved. John

contact Waterford Police to impound it. 2. The CSCA sandwich board sign
will be

moved and stored in Jiri’s garage. 3. Slip assignments and wait lists
are being

updated. There will be a fair amount of movement on the lists this year.
4. Lloyd

shared a letter from a neighbor thanking the board for its attention to
his issues. 5. Our

liability insurance payment is due shortly.

Secretary’s report: Hazel reported e-mail, website and correspondence

Trustee/Officer reports: Cheryl is routinely collecting snail mail from
post office.

Patrick reports that he has delivered several Welcome Packets recently.
Jacque is

closely monitoring the township’s actions on single hauler trash pickup.
It appears that

the township approved going forward in a closed session meeting, and the
proposal will

be presented in open session on either June 6 or 17 – Jacque receives

notification of meetings and will keep the board posted. Alex has been
busy this spring

with dock and landscaping work. There are broken “arms” and “posts” at
the launch

area that he will repair. John has attempted to contact DNR regarding
using gravel to

fill in the deep ruts in the launch area with no luck so far. He will
continue to attempt

contact. Jiri submitted invoices for additional parts needed to upgrade

camera/security system. His on-line 3-D postings were great – thanks!

Treasurer’s report: Kelly has been depositing our dues/fees we have been

receiving since our general meeting. It appears that our revenue should
be comparable

to last year’s. She reviewed our monthly expenses, all are up to date.

The board discussed our continuing discretionary funding of additional

patrols on Cass Lake. Lloyd shared that we have received no additional

from surrounding subdivisions this year. The board agreed to withhold
our financial

support unless other neighborhoods financially support the Cass Lake
patrol this year.

Cass Lake will again be producing fireworks for the 4th, and it appears
they are wellfunded. We will hold back financial support temporarily and
revisit our decision after we

have an updated picture of this year’s CSCA finances. Alex moved that we

support the Elizabeth Lake fireworks in the amount of $500, as we have
in past.

Seconded by Jiri, approved.

John and Lloyd led a discussion regarding the unauthorized boat in our

Lake dock area. Both shared recent correspondence as well as proposed

correspondence involving the board, our attorneys and the new resident.
It was agreed

that John’s letter (which the attorney approved) would be posted on the

launch area saying “unauthorized vessels, vehicles maybe towed at owners

No decision made at this time.

John also felt it important that the board consider making a formal
resolution that

boat slips are not now, have never been nor will be in the future,
transferable with the

sale of property. Further, he proposed an additional resolution that any

boat blocking access to a valid slip holder will be towed and stored by
a wrecker

company at the expense of the boat owner. Hazel made the motion to
approve these

resolutions, which was seconded by Jacque. Approved.

The next board meeting was scheduled for July 8 at 6:30 at Kelly’s

Respectfully submitted,

Hazel Lewis

CSCA Secretary