CSCA Board Meeting Minutes


Chetolah Shores Civic Association Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, June 10 6:30 pm

Lloyd and Hazel’s BBQ Ranch

Present: Lloyd L., Hazel L., Kathy B., Eric S., Cheryl C., Amy T.,
Jacque B., Jeff K.

Absent: Erik K., Mark W.

1. The meeting was called to order by President Lloyd Lewis at 7:45 PM

A. Lloyd recommended Jacque Brown be appointed to the CSCA Board of

Directors as Trustee. Moved by Cheryl, seconded by Eric. Approved.

B. Lloyd offered heartfelt thanks on behalf of the Board and the
community to

former Treasurer Patty Costigan and former President Eric Siegel for
their many

years of dedicated service and commitment to the betterment of Chetolah


2. Treasurer’s Report – Kathy

A. Membership update – Kathy reported that 129 homeowners have paid

2015 dues, roughly one third of the residents.

B. Financial report – Kathy reported that our balance as of 4/30/l5 was

As of 6/10/l5, 129 homeowners have paid dues, slip fees and key fees of

$12,839.14 making a new balance of $17,309.98. Our expenses amounted to

$1654.15, leaving a balance of $15,695.83 as of 6/10/15.

3. Secretary’s Report – Hazel

A. Hazel reported that the website is continually being updated as new

information reaches her. Again, thanks to Eric and Andrea for all their

B. Hazel checks e-mail daily, and forwards/refers it to appropriate

members for response. This has resulted in very favorable reactions from


4. Dock Report – Lloyd

Lloyd reported that slip assignments and wait lists are up to date and
posted on

the website. Boat slips on both lakes are filled and paid for. He was
happy to

report that wait listers moved up11spaces this season.

Board discussion regarding investigating non-residents or non-homeowners

using slips. He is attempting to identify boat owners through MC
numbers. We

will revisit this issue at our next meeting.

5. President’s Report – Lloyd

A. Insurance policy – Board liability insurance has been purchased and

will mail the premium check to the company.

B. Grounds/Maintenance – Lloyd acquired two bids for this work and it

awarded to Summit Lawn. Eric reported that the Charest area looks good
and is

satisfied with the work. Owner, Troy is a very good guy to work with.

reported that the initial bill was inaccurate (too low), and we are
awaiting a new

bill which will be forwarded to Kathy for payment.

C. Audit/financial review – Our by-laws require a yearly financial

Jacque has bookkeeping experience and agreed to look at our 2014 records

together with Kathy and Patty. If Jacque agrees to do the review, the

approved a stipend of $200 for her work.

advertised waterfront and dock on a listing on Chipman, which is
actually an

outlot and is part of the CSCA launch area. The realtor immediately
removed the

inaccurate information.

Discussion if one of those docks may be offered to a buyer, if he
becomes a

member-in-good standing and pays slip fees. This offer may extend to

“dock poachers” as we become aware of them. Jeff is interested in
pursuing the

“poachers”. Further discussion about identifying who the individuals are

how to proceed.

E. Send second letter – Lloyd proposed that we send a second dues letter

non-paying residents highlighting our accomplishments and the positive

membership offers. We will also ask for e-mail addresses so we can
update our

Gmail address list. Kathy and Hazel will again go to the Township Clerk

update our data base. Cheryl moved that we send out a second dues
letter, Eric

seconded. Lloyd will prepare a draft for review. In the future, we will
attempt to

use e-mail as much as possible to save postage.

6. Trustee Reports

A. Security camera – According to an e-mail Erik has tried to contact
Pat Podkul

for assistance with the security camera. We still don’t know if it is
working. We

will ask that Erik follow though and get the camera up and running, and

sure it is operating consistently and the way it is intended.

B. Elizabeth Lake fireworks, Sheriff safety classes, ID MC numbers –

Mark forwarded an e-mail from Sgt. Suarez regarding identifying owners
by MC

numbers. Hazel is attempting to work through the State of Michigan
website to

find this information.

Amy will send the flyer regarding boat safety classes to Hazel for
posting on


Amy reported that Elizabeth Lake subdivisions are attempting to work
together to

raise funding for both the fireworks and weekend sheriff’s patrols. They

found that the patrols are not universally favored, but continue
attempting to

convince homeowners of the importance of the safety issues involved.

Cheryl moved and Kathy seconded that CSCA Board approve a $500 donation

the Elizabeth Lake fireworks. Kathy will send a check.

C. Other –


Looking Ahead

A. Our Mission/Goals – Lloyd wants to make one of our major goals to

our outreach efforts to the community. We need to make an effort to

respond to any contacts from residents, helping to resolve their issues,
but also

asking them what they would like to see accomplished in our neighborhood

how they might help make it work.

B.. Possible Improvements

Lot 19 – Eric has many great ideas for lot 19 improvement – signage,

dock, sandy beach, but wanted to know what his “budget” would be.
Instead the

Board asked that he come up with his “wish list” and the Board would
review and

approve at that time.

Signage – Several signs need repair or purchase including “on camera”,
lot 19,

Elizabeth Lake dock, Elizabeth Lake beach. Amy will get estimates.

the launch as well as the shallow depth at the launch. There was

about the use of gravel or asphalt . Lloyd will meet with Erik and come
up with a

plan for the next meeting.

8. Current and possible board responsibilities

 Clean launch grounds

 Grounds maintenance

 Signage – Amy has agreed to work on this

 Monitor camera – Erik will be asked to monitor and make sure camera is

operating correctly

 Answering/forwarding phone calls – Jacque volunteered. Kathy will get

her the needed information

 Pick up mail – Cheryl will do twice weekly

 Welcome packets – Jacque and Cheryl will work together to revamp and

distribute to new homeowners. Hazel will get old electronic data to

 Code enforcement

9. Other New Business

Lloyd reported that member Robert Hudson volunteered serve on the Board

the general meeting. Lloyd phoned him and explained that the roster is

at the moment, but we will certainly keep his name for the future.

Lloyd received a request from a member in good standing that the Board

consider allowing her to place a small paddleboat on the Elizabeth Lake

The Board agreed that she could use the dock space for $100/season.

10. Next Meeting – July 16 at Amy and Mark’s home time???