CSCA Board Meeting Minutes


Monday, 06-11-2020 6:30 PM Online

Present: Jacquelynn Brown, Jiri Culik, John Coumoundouros, Adam Holcomb, Alex Bodi, Cheryl Cathcart, Alex Smith

Absent: Tami Robertson

Call To Order: 6:35pm

Agenda Items/President’s Report
  1. Approve New D & O Policy

    Old policy set to expire 6/22/2020. New policy has been reviewed for a total cost of $3351/year. With this new policy we have added cyber protections to protect data.

    Directors & Officers Liability: $2453
    Employment Practices Liability: $300
    Data Defender Coverage: $186
    Network Defender Coverage: $187
    Crime Expanded Coverage: $200
    Terrorism Coverage: $25
    Total: $3351

Motion to approve changing insurance: Motion carries (6 Yay; 0 Nay)

  1. Previous Attorney Invoice

    Follow-up on lawyer invoice and push for clarification on charges issued. John and Jacquelynn to confirm with the attorney to resolve the matter.

  2. Review Technology Changes/Reports

    Technology updates to the website, to allow for payment of dues online and general updates to existing Chetolah Shores website. As well as improvements to existing Chetolah Shores Civic Association record keeping and communication, to ensure easier reference for the future.

  3. Technology Upgrades Expenditures

    Expenditures are tied to various technology upgrades as mentioned above.

    AWS LightSail: $4.82
    Namecheap 5 Year SSL: $75.50
    Namecheap Domain Transfer: $8.76 x 2
    Total May 2020 Due to Jiri: $97.84
    Motion to renew Adobe Sign after trial expires in 50 days ($255.88/year) Motion carries (7 Yay; 0 Nay)

  4. Security Cameras

    Connectivity issues with security cameras due to wear over the winter. It has been replaced and is in working order.

Motion to purchase USB backup for security cameras. Motion carries (8 Yay; 0 Nay)

  1. IT Internship

    With the addition of several technology upgrades for the benefit of the association. Idea has been proposed to add an unpaid IT internship for an upcoming student or volunteer with IT aptitude. Patrick volunteers to assist as much as he is able for this year.

  2. Damaged Dock Fixes

    Cass Lake Boat launch dock has already been damaged twice this year. Adam and Alex will research possible options to repair the dock and prevent future accidental damage when loading/unloading boats at the launch.

Motion to allocate up to $200 to facilitate such repairs. Motion carries (8 Yay; 0 Nay)

  1. Move Dock N3/N4

    Location of this dock (servicing N3/N4 boat slips) will be moved to accommodate all types of boats that typically occupy the Cass Lake Boat slips. Currently the space is inadequate for most larger pontoon boats.

  2. Unpaid Slip Holders/Waitlisters

    Board sent out e-mails to those whose names have come up on the waitlist. Those who do not pay will be passed over to the next in the waitlist.

  3. Unpaid Docks

    The Chetolah Shores Civic Association will pursue use of CSCA administered docks by unauthorized residents this year. Such use will be considered trespassing and in violation of the CSCA bylaws.

Motion to approve $300 for consultation with our lawyer regarding this issue. Motion carries. (8 yay; 0 Nay)

  1. Garbage/Waste at the Boat Launch

    The plan is to remove the recyclable can and add a second garbage can with appropriately sized trash bags. Member Alex B. has volunteered to empty the trash weekly.

  2. Elizabeth Lake Dock Tree

    Dead tree at the Elizabeth Lake swim area. Alex S has quoted the association $525 for removal of the tree and as much of the stump as feasible.

Motion to approve the quote ($525) to remove the tree. Motion carries (8 yay; 0 Nay)

  1. Lawn Service

    Several locations around the Cass Lake Boat Launch need some extra lawn care to avoid any trip hazards or other potential dangers.

  2. Sign Refresh Proposal

    Board approves measure to replace several “Slow Down Children at play” signs throughout the neighborhood at no cost to the association. Proposal for additional signs such as “Caution - Slippery surfaces” on the boat launch, “Be considerate and clean up after your dog” etc. to be tabled for the next meeting.

  3. Elizabeth Lake Fireworks

    CSCA donation to this year’s fireworks. This item is postponed until next meeting due to the effects of the Coronavirus and to confirm if this is still happening or not.

Vice President’s Report
  1. Lawn Service

    Lawn Service contacted and will take care of grass problem (See Item 13)

  2. Facebook Post

    Board to reach out through the unofficial facebook page for the subdivision to encourage residents to pay their dues for the year.

  3. Old Documents

    CSCA will be working to digitize and organize documents from our records for posterity as well as easier reference for future board members and make transitions between officer roles as seamless as possible.

Secretary’s Report
  1. Contact Us Handling

    Secretary to assume responsibility for administering inquiries and requests from the “Contact Us” section of the updated website.

  2. Welcome Packages

    As of this meeting (6/11/2020), all requested welcome packages have been delivered.

Treasurer’s Report
  1. Financial Report

    Balance (6/11/2020): $16,862.23

No pending outgoing checks as of this meeting.

Trustee Reports
  1. Alex S.

    General maintenance of commonly administered spaces. (Clearing downed branches, repairing docks, etc.) The dock at “Sunset Park” will not be installed this year due to lack of use concerns.

  2. Cheryl

    Mail is up to date. Nothing else to report.

  3. Adam

    Nothing to report.

  4. Alex B.

    Nothing to report.

  5. Tami


Other Business
  1. Next Meeting

    July 15, 2020 (Tues) at 7:00pm (Cheryl’s house), 1267 Muskingum Dr.

  2. Adjourned


Respectfully submitted,

Patrick Hickey

CSCA Secretary