CSCA Board Meeting Minutes


Chetolah Shores Civic Association

Board Meeting Minutes 6/14/16

Present: Lloyd L., Kathy B., Hazel L., Patty C., Cheryl C., Jacquelynn
B., John C., Jen S., Alex S.

Absent: None

1. Call to Order: Lloyd, followed by a round table introduction of each

2. Treasurer’s Report: Kathy

As of 5/31/16 our balance was $14,141.14. Since then she has deposited
$980 and $5,260.

Our bills were approximately $1,000 leaving a balance of $19,381.14 as
of 6/14/16. She

reported there are 140 members. Also, she paid our approved $500
donation to the

Elizabeth Lake fireworks fund.

Reminder – the Beckman fireworks party is being held on 6/23, and
members of the CSCA

board are invited. They requested RSVPs by 6/17. Hazel will forward a
copy of the invitation

to board members.

3. Secretary’s Report: Hazel

E-mail and website are being kept current. There was an e-mail request
from a neighbor to

use our CSCA e-mail to forward information about LightSpeed, a new
Internet provider

seeking inquiries of interest from our neighborhood to install service.
While appealing to

many board members, we have traditionally not used our e-mail list for
advertising or

solicitation. The board agreed and we will deny the request. We had also
received an

inquiry about possible use of Venmo – an alternative to cash or checks
for dues payment.

Cheryl also uses a similar form, Square. Both require further research
and the discussion

was tabled until our October board meeting.

4. President’s Report: Lloyd

a. Grounds/Maintenance: While lawn service has improved, the cost is
less for the same

service. The “fire pit” which seemed to be used as a garbage dump, was

from the launch area. A local service has been hired to complete several

needed dock repairs. Patty motioned that Lloyd be given authority to
purchase dock

repairs and general maintenance needs. The board approved $500 for this.

b. Insurance: Lloyd requested the board approve the annual premium for
our director’s

insurance. Board approved. Lloyd also shared information about a CSCA

policy. Tabled for further discussion.

c. Signage: A new prototype aluminum sign has been installed at the
Elizabeth Lake

dock. Additional new signs will be installed at the Cass Lake launch
area, Elizabeth

Lake beach, and Cass Lake lot 19. The budget for the four signs is $900.
Moved and


d. Tree removal: There are several dead trees needing removal in the
Cass Lake dock

area that have the potential to be dangerous to people and property.
Lloyd is

acquiring four bids. A motion was made for $2500 be approved for tree

Unanimous approval.

e. Lot 19: Lloyd proposed a fence be constructed on Lot 19 for safety
and security.

Discussion followed regarding location of the fence (roadside or further
back, parking

will continue his research and present findings at next meeting.

f. Extending Elizabeth Lake dock: A neighbor expressed interest in
extending this dock

to accommodate more boats resulting in a motion to consider this

Discussion followed regarding the disapproval of adjacent neighbors and
concern that

our dock would extend further out into the lake than other docks in the
area. Board

vote, unanimously opposed.

g. Renters: Discussion regarding residents using CSCA dock space without

authorization. The board will continue doing our best to enforce our

h. Sheriff on Elizabeth Lake: Last year we approved a donation of $300
to the Sheriff’s

fund on Elizabeth Lake. They reported it was a successful season, and
requested a

donation for this year to continue the service. Motion made to approve
$300 again for

this season. Unanimously approved.

5. Trustee Reports: Jacque and Cheryl will update the Welcome Packets.
Jacque has been

distributing them as she receives information on new neighbors.

6. Current and Potential Board Responsibilities: Lloyd requested that
board members volunteer

to assume specific board responsibilities:

a. Signage:

b. Monitor camera: John

c. Answering/forwarding calls: Kathy

d. Pick up mail: Cheryl

e. Welcome packets: Cheryl and Jacque

f. Boat slips maintenance: Alex and John

g. Grounds/maintenance:

h. Maintaining website and e-mail: Hazel

i. Slip Manager: Jen

7. Other New Business:

a. VENMO: tabled

b. Organize Cass Lake Sheriff Patrol: Jen and Jacque

8. Next Meeting: July 12, Kathy B. will host

Meeting adjourned at 9:00.