CSCA Board Meeting Minutes


Chetolah Shores Civic Association Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 6:30 pm

1. Call to Order – The meeting was called to order at 7:15 by President
Lloyd Lewis

2. President’s report

a. Results of board working session 6.14.18

Of the three issues involving the Cass Lake docks which were addressed,

one was dropped by the resident, one is still pending although likely

resolved, and the third remains open with all parties involved notified

the board’s position by mail.

b. Dock assignments

All Cass Lake slips have been assigned. There is one slip available on

Elizabeth Lake, and Lloyd is working to fill that quickly.

c. Chairs at Elizabeth Lake beach

Two residents brought to our attention that there are broken chairs at

Elizabeth Lake beach that need to be removed, and hopefully replaced.

Adirondacks were suggested. Alex thinks he has some that might be

good replacements. He will let us know.

d. Select attorney

Lloyd has been in contact with two different attorneys who were

recommended by board members or neighbors. Both have HOA type

experience and are willing to work ad hoc instead of with an on-going

retainer. After discussion, Jiri motioned that we hire Randy Pintuck at

rate of $185 per hour on an “as needed” basis. Patrick seconded.

Unanimously approved. Jiri suggested we send copies of John’s research

to him. Lloyd will follow up with Randy.

e. Sheriff patrol update

Patrols have started on Cass Lake with four hours of service on 6/23/18.

Sgt. Jex sends an e-mail report weekly, which was shared with the board.

2. Treasurer Report –Kelly

a. Financial report

Kelly reported a balance of $14,800 from dues and slip fees.

Expenditures were $3192 which Kelly itemized for the board.

Financial records are gradually being turned over to her. She is getting

her name on the checking account shortly.


Secretary Report --Hazel

a. Correspondence

i. Realtor letters

Letters explaining docks, slips, out lots, etc. have been sent to all

relevant parties involved in the Chipman and Oregon properties.

ii. Emails

Up to date

iii. Facebook

Up to date

a. Jacqui, Cheryl – Welcome packets, voice mail, snail mail

Welcome packets need to be updated and distributed

Voice mail will be eliminated the end of July. Will someone please check

them now? Number has been removed from Facebook and letterhead.

b. Jacqui – trash report –updates

Jacqui had been with Gary Wall and reports that he has several bids. It

necessary to keep attending board meetings to keep abreast!

c. Alex – grounds and maintenance

i. Fence repair - completed

ii. Dock repair - on-going

iii. Dock installation- completed

iv. Sunset park proposal – working on, needs grading, grass of some


v. Slip repairs – on going. Alex will use grip tape on slippery stairs

Elizabeth Lake beach.

vi. Other – question about drainage at launch. Alex is working on this.

d. John and Jiri – security lights and cameras

All reported working well. Both Jiri and John have submitted bills for

additional materials. Jiri requested $150 approval for additional solar

panels and charger cables. Lloyd approved.

e. John – research on deeds

John shared an extensive amount of information he has found regarding

our deeds and restrictions. Much of his information needs to be shared

with our attorney for interpretation. John had been advised that we

adopt a resolution disapproving old discriminatory deed language. Hazel

so moved, Cheryl seconded. Unanimous approval. John will send a copy

of what needs to be written, Hazel will follow up on where it needs to


5. Other new business

Since we have many information and procedural questions about our

requirements and deeds, Jiri suggested that we meet with our attorney.

moved that Lloyd and John make an appointment to meet, seconded and

unanimously approved.

6. The next meeting will be on Weds. July 25 at Jiri’s house, 4776
Sherwell at 6:30


There being no further business before the board, the meeting was
adjourned at

8:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Haze Lewis, CSCA Recording Secretary