CSCA Board Meeting Minutes


Wednesday, July 15, 2020 7:00pm Google Meet

Present: Jiri Culik, Cheryl Cathcart, Alex Bodi, Adam Holcomb, Jacquelynn Brown, Tami Robertson, John Coumoundouros, Patrick Hickey

Absent: Alex Smith

Call To Order: 7:03pm

Agenda Items/President’s Report
  1. Previous Attorney Invoice

    John and Jacquelynn to follow up on the last lawyer invoice and clarification of charges.

    Still following up on clarification of charges. (Itemized list of charges, etc)

  2. Technology Expenditures

    Invoice receipts have been stored in the 2020/Financial/Website folder.

    Total May 2020 Due to Jiri: $97.84

    AWS LightSail: $5.50
    AWS Cloudwatch: $4.20
    Google GSuite: $3.36
    Total June 2020 Due to Jiri: $13.06

    No additional comments

  3. Comerica Zelle Setup/Debit Card

    We need to set up Zelle for online electronic payments, and Jiri needs the debit card information to use for GSuite, and AWS services.

    Jacque and Jiri will coordinate remotely to set up Zelle payments.

  4. D&O Policy Invoice

    Have we received the D&O policy invoice and has it been paid?

    $3351 (Community Policy), $519 (Commercial Package); Jacque will follow-up to clarify which policy is which.

  5. Resident Dock D4 Complaint

    Has this been addressed with both dock owners?

    Adam followed up on this resident complaint. He is taking the initiative to adjust boat slips to better accommodate boats of various sizes. (i.e. Large boat in small boat slip, allocate unassigned boat slips)

    Dock S8 is being given up mid-season. As a result, motion is introduced to add to governing rules to prorate and refund unused boat slip fees as a matter of fairness. (Jun 1 - Oct 31) Motion carries (8 Yes, 0 No, 1 Abstain)

  6. Damaged Dock Fixes

    Adam and Alex to research possible options to repair/replace existing dock at Cass Lake Boat Launch.

    Alex temporarily fixed the dock for use, research to more permanent solution is ongoing.

  7. Move Dock N3/N4

    Move docks N3 & N4 to accommodate larger pontoon boats. E-mail received 7/11/2020 from a resident regarding this issue.

    This item has been completed.

  8. Unpaid Docks

    Follow-up from previous meeting to consult with lawyer regarding unauthorized use of CSCA dockspace.

    Item still ongoing. The main issue is jurisdiction over outlots and some lakefront property lines being occupied by residents. And will likely require a judiciary ruling in order to rectify. Tami has graciously volunteered to perform due diligence and research this matter further in order to clarify rules to residents and prevent confusion in the future of the subdivision.

  9. Sign Refresh Proposal

    Motion to replace cautionary signs (Slow, Children at Play, Caution - Slippery Surfaces, etc) in the neighborhood tabled until this meeting.

    Motion introduced to replace existing signs Motion lost (0 Yes, 8 No, 1 Abstain). Board to monitor signs for wear and will revisit the issue if it becomes necessary in the future. Adam will take the lead for a pricing quote on replacing signs.

  10. Elizabeth Lake Fireworks

    Decision to donate to Elizabeth Lake Fireworks this year was postponed until this meeting due to the effects of Coronavirus. It is unknown if the event is proceeding as scheduled as well.

    Motion introduced to donate $500 to the fireworks. Motion carries (8 Yes, 0 No, 1 Abstain)

Vice President’s Report
  1. USB Drive Purchased

    John has purchased a USB drive but has not had a chance to install it in the Arlo base station.
    He will install the USB drive in the next week or so and also will check on the north-east camera charge and re-plug-in the camera charging cable.

Secretary’s Report
  1. Nothing to report

Treasurer’s Report
  1. Financial Report

    Bank Balance as of 07-15-2020: $15,430.58

    Pending Transactions:
    Cincinnati Ins. D&O 0581283 062221exp $(3,351.00)
    Cincinnati Ins. CPP 0396189 072120exp $( 519.00)*
    Jiri Reimb: May 2020 Tech Expenses $( 97.84)
    Jiri Reimb: Jun 2020 Tech Expenses $( 13.06)
    Elizabeth Lakes Fireworks Donation $( 500.00)*
    Pentiuk, Couvreur & Kobiljak (disputed) $( 380.37)*

    Actual Balance as of 07-15-2020: $10,569.31

  2. Bank Signatories

    Signature Cards have been updated for our operating account at Comerica as of 06-27-2020. Authorized Check signers are John Coumoundouros, Patrick Hickey, and Jacquelynn Brown

  3. Debit Card

    Debit Card was ordered 06-27-2020 to be mailed to the residence of Jacquelynn Brown. Card has not been received as of 07-15-2020.

  4. Previous Treasurer Information

    All treasurer information has been handed over from the previous Treasurer as of 06-27-2020. Check Number Sequence 1366-1440 to be reported to the bank as lost. Last Check is No. 1365; Next Check is No. 1440.

  5. Bank Statements

    Bank Statements have been downloaded and saved to CSCA Google Drive for the period of 07/01/2018 to 06/30/2020 per month (this is as far back as I could go via Comerica online). There are paper copies of monthly bank statements prior to 07/01/2018 with Treasurer paper files.

  6. Financial Spreadsheet

    The csca-financial-statements-2020 file on CSCA Google Drive is reflecting accurately per above financial report. Cash account has been reconciled to 06-30-2020. Income and Expense items have been coded.

  7. Contingency Fund

    Jacque will investigate creation of a separate contingency fund to reserve funds in the event of natural disasters or other high dollar items such as replacing docks, etc.

Trustee Reports
  1. Alex S.

    Absent; Nothing to report

  2. Cheryl

    Nothing to report

  3. Adam

    Nothing to report except where noted above. Adam will also look into trash removal from the Cass Lake Boat launch to alleviate emptying responsibilities.

  4. Alex B.

    Nothing to report

  5. Tami

    To streamline several factors in administering the association, Tami will research establishing a physical address for the association and reroute all online accounts, garbage removal, and mail. Additionally, Tami will put together a detailed postcard describing information about the association and what is available.

Other Business
  1. Next Meeting

    TUES, 09-01-2020, 7:00pm, ONLINE

  2. Adjourned


Respectfully submitted,

Patrick Hickey
CSCA Secretary