CSCA Board Meeting Minutes


CSCA Board Meeting Agenda

Thursday, July 16

7:00 PM – Amy and Mark’s Home

Present: Amy, Mark, Eric, Kathy, Cheryl, Lloyd, Hazel, Jeff, Jacque

Absent: Erik

1. President’s Report - Lloyd

 Security notification to homeowners

There were several car break-ins reported over the last month. This info
was shared

with the community in e-mails and on Face Book.

 Second letter to community

Discussion of how to manage resident data bases, mail merges, access to

Book for Hazel and Lloyd. Eric will check with Andrea on how best to do

 Identifying MC numbers

Hazel has checked with SoS and State of MI websites but found no easy

Mark will check with his contact at the Sheriff’s Office.

 Contact with non-paying slip holders

Lloyd has met with one of the non- payers. His feeling is that we should
start with

one slip holder to take to court if necessary and proceed from there. He
also has

had contact with the realtor listing the home with frontage on the Cass
Lake launch

outlot. They are not advertising the house as “waterfront” or “with
dock”. We will

monitor this closely.

 Launch padlock

The padlock was discovered broken. Lloyd had it repaired. Not known if

damaged. Hope to review film to determine.

2. Secretary’s Report - Hazel

 Approve minutes

Approved as read.

3. Treasurer’s Report – Kathy

Kathy reports a balance of $14589.31 with 144 homeowners paying. There
are still

dues payments trickling in. Lloyd requested that Kathy keep a separate
record of dues

and dock fees. Jacque has looked at the books and feels

confident she can prepare an

acceptable review. She, Kathy and Patty plan to

meet soon to work out more details.

4. Trustee Reports

Dock area – Erik was not present to give his reports. He said he would
be meeting

with Pat this weekend to make sure the camera is operating as it should,

hopefully review recent tapes. Jeff has offered his help.

Gravel improvement


Numbering docks

General maintenance

Elizabeth Lake homeowners have contracted with the Sheriff’s Dept. for

patrols. The rate is $32/hr. with 5 hr. shifts. One of the other
subdivisions on the

lake has taken the lead on this, and has asked for individual homeowners
to donate

as well. Discussion if CSCA should also contribute. Motion for our
Association to

contribute $300 this season by Eric. Mark seconded, unanimously
approved. Kathy

will prepare and send check

Lot 19 – Eric

Eric presented an extensive report for improvements for Lot 19. This
will be an ongoing project. After much discussion, it was agreed to
prioritize for this year, with

Eric’s recommendation being 1) lawn fertilization and upkeep 2) beach
sanding 3) 4

x 10 wood dock installation -- not to exceed $2500 total. Eric moved and

seconded. Unanimously approved. Further discussion was held regarding

of contractors and handy man help. We have a resident with a small front

that we will contact to see if he is interested in doing the sand
moving. We also

have another resident interested in doing “handy man” work. Lloyd

authorization to hire a handyman for minor repairs and clean up, not to
exceed $300.

Amy so moved, Hazel seconded. Unanimously approved. Lloyd, Eric and

will follow through with these contacts and meet together to finalize
plans. Great job

– Eric! This will be a wonderful addition to Chetolah Shores!

Signage – Amy

Amy presented her findings after contacting our former signage company.
It was

hoped that any new signage would match existing signs. It was suggested
that she

meet with the representative in the sub and get a complete estimate.
Regarding the

“camera” sign, it was suggested that we use a “premade” sign available
at Home

Depot warning that a camera is in use.

Welcome Packet – Jacque and Cheryl

Jacque and Cheryl are reviewing old materials and gathering new for the

packets. CSCA will provide funds for supplies and copying. They are

shortly to compile the information into a more comprehensive packet. We
are all

trying to identify new residents to make sure they receive them.

Cleaning Cass Lake Rd. culvert – Jacque

Jacque volunteered that her fiancé Mike would be willing to help with

“Back Up” partner when out of town – Lloyd

Lloyd requested that if any board member with specific responsibilities
please seek a

“back up” to cover their duties when they are gone. Kathy volunteered to
keep up

with e-mail while Hazel is out of town next month.

5. New Business

Kathy needs a second “signer” for our CSCA checking account. Cheryl

volunteered to do this.

Expressions for their generous support of this year’s Elizabeth Lake

(which were great!) CSCA donated $500 as well. Lloyd will compose and

the letter on behalf of CSCA.

6. Schedule next meeting

Next meeting will take place on Tues. 8/18 at 6:30 at Kathy’s home –


Meeting adjourned at 9:20.

Respectfully submitted,

Hazel Lewis

CSCA Recording Secretary