CSCA Board Meeting Minutes


CSCA Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, July 19

Present: Lloyd Lewis, Hazel Lewis, Cheryl Cathcart, Patty Costigan,
Kathy Bartus,

John Coumoundourous, Alex Smith, Jen Sitto

Absent: Jacque Brown

1. Call to Order and President’s Report

The meeting was called to order by President Lloyd Lewis at 7:20 pm.

a. Dock update – Letters were sent to dock holders whose docks have

unused for the last two years. Their dock fees have been returned and

docks reassigned.

Lloyd requested authorization to install one new dock and remove old

expenditure not to exceed $700. There was discussion about how the slots

would be filled and how the dock would be installed. Cheryl proposed the

installation of a new dock, Kathy seconded. Approved unanimously.

There was further discussion about adding a second new dock. This was

tabled until a more specific proposal could be discussed.

b. Lot 19 update – Lloyd proposed the board consider fence placement on

19. The parking/no parking issue was discussed. Suggestion to add posts

protect culvert and prevent perpendicular parking. Proposal was made to

purchase and install posts, purchase and install additional
informational signs,

purchase and install black decorative fence with a large enough gate for

residents to be able to bring large items like kayaks, canoes, fishing

etc., and any excavation required to complete above. Cost not to exceed

$2000. Jen seconded, approved unanimously.

c. Grounds update –trees at launch area and over kayak racks have been

removed. Invoice to Patty for $2300 for payment. The fence at Oregon and

Chipman has been repaired, and the damaged dock will be repaired ASAP.

d. Sign installation – Cheryl proposed replacing existing signs at Cass

launch and Elizabeth Lake beach and install a new one at Lot 19. There

discussion regarding the specifics and suggested that $300 be allotted
for the

project. Kathy seconded. Unanimous approval.

e. Insurance – Lloyd has proposed that we purchase liability insurance
for the

association at an annual premium of $2000. After the discussion, the

was seconded by Jen and approved unanimously.

2. Secretary’s report – Hazel reported that all correspondence is up to
date and the

website and e-mails are current.

3. Treasurer’s report – Patty reported a current balance of $17,000. We

spent $9,000. Patty suggested we keep a balance of $5000 for emergency

expenditures. The board agreed.

4. Trustee reports:

a. Signage – see above

b. Camera – John requested a key to the launch area for access to the

camera. He also requested funds to purchase new SD cards. This can

be done through petty cash.

c. Phone calls and mail – Kathy will manage these.

receive new resident information

e. Slip manager – Jen reports that there have still be a few residents

requesting keys

f. Boat slip maintenance – Alex and John have kept the area clean

5. New Business – Jen has spoken to the Keego Harbor marine officer and

have jurisdiction over the entire lake. She and Jacque will pursue

other subs on the lake to see if they are interested in hiring Sheriff’s

Continue the conversation regarding residents using Cass Lake slips


6. Next meeting: 8/17 at Jen’s home

7. Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Hazel Lewis

CSCA Recording Secretary