CSCA Board Meeting Minutes


Chetolah Shores Civic Association Board Meeting Minutes

July 24, 2014

Present: Eric Siegel, Patty Costigan, Mark Webberly, Amy Trudell, Nick
Jahn, Cheryl

Cathcart, Lloyd Lewis, Hazel Lewis

Absent: Erik Kokeny, Kathy Bartus

1. Meeting called to order at 7:30 by President Eric Siegel. We were
saddened to hear

that Nick Jahn will resign from the board as he has purchased a new
house outside of

our subdivision. However, we wish the best to him and his family in
their new home and

thank him for his outstanding service to the board!

 Discussion of insurance policies and bids. Erik K. had submitted the
bid he

received, which we reviewed. We revisited the bid that Lloyd had
obtained prior.

Due to financial restraints, it was decided that we consider board

insurance only at this time. Eric moved that we budget up to $2100 for

coverage. Approved unanimously. Mark agreed to obtain another bid, after

which Eric and Lloyd will compare bids and purchase.

 Update on meeting with attorney Maria, Eric, Lloyd and Patty. Maria is
in the

process of preparing a legal opinion regarding our dues structure.

 Eric presented his research and plan for improving lot 19.

A sign has been made, but not installed -- $480.00

He obtained an estimate to fell dead trees, clean out brush, trimming,

Grading and draining need to be addressed also.

Install approximately 30’ of dock for fishing, kayaks, etc. We have

extra sections of dock that could be utilized.

Bring in sand for beach area, grass, plantings, etc.

At this time, we don’t have the budget to do all the improvements at
once. After

much discussion, it was agreed that installing a dock first would be

beneficial for the community. A motion was made and unanimously approved

budget $2500.00 for lot 19 improvements, beginning with dock
installation. Eric

S. agreed to be project manager, and Lloyd L. agreed to assist.

Eric also had a conversation with neighbor of lot 19 who asked if he

continue his decorative fence on his lot line to the beach. Eric wanted
to confirm

the height of the fence and that our lot line is maintained. The board

the decorative new fence in place of the cyclone one and thanks our
neighbor for

his generosity.

It was brought up that the fire pit at Cass Lake launch is being used
for trash.

Question of whether to purchase a new one to make it more appealing. It

be very expensive, and it doesn’t appear that it is used very often. At
this point,

Lloyd will clean up the old one and try to better maintain the area.

Eric had prepared a letter voicing the concerns about potholes on
Charest. He

asked that each of us use our website to report the location and ask for

2. Treasurer Report – Patty

Patty reported she is still receiving dues each week. Approximately 40%
of our

homeowners are up to date in their payment. Our current balance is

She is keeping a close eye on our routine monthly and upcoming

Minutes of 5/27/14 meeting approved, and will be posted on website.

requested that members e-mail her their approval of the minutes so that
they can

be posted in a timely fashion (last meetings minutes will be posted 2
months after

the meeting!). Members agreed.

Website continues to be updated routinely. E-mails checked and responded


We will skip the website sponsors this year. There also doesn’t appear
to be any

reason to publish the Spring/Summer newsletter since all relevant

was sent with dues letter or is on the website.

4. Dock Report – Lloyd

One site was added to the Elizabeth Lake dock resulting in 3 usable

One unused slip was found and rented out.

Lloyd requested permission to grant a homeowner one year’s grace in

position due to medical issues. Board approved.

Lloyd moved to raise the dock fees to $200 beginning next season.


5. Trustee and officer reports

a. Erik – see section 1

b. Mark – he and Amy have made contact with Oakland County Marine

Division Sgt. Suarez, who they report is a very approachable and

They are working with him regarding patrols on Elizabeth Lake and Boater

Safety classes.

c. Nick – unable to get information from Pat. Eric will follow up

payment or product. Nick also checked with Elizabeth Lake Assn.

regarding use of their launch. There is a $25 fee for one day use. Still

some confusion about who is eligible.

Kathy – sent report regarding voice mails. Patty has resolved the ones

regarding dues and Lloyd will follow up on the outlot encroachment


6. Old Business – none

7. New Business

Patty requested additional software for new laptop so that information

be shared on the Cloud. Eric will take care of this.

Lloyd made the suggestion that we add a “Neighbor to Neighbor” section

to our website where residents in good standing can advertise
“personals” like

baby-sitting, lawn care, snow removal, articles for sale, garage sales,
etc. It is

done in many other subs with positive response and activity. All
requests would

go through Hazel (webmaster) and only posted with her approval. Lloyd

Hazel will pursue further and come up with a plan.

Next Meeting: Sept. 18, 2014 at Mark and Amy’s home

Respectfully submitted,

Hazel A. Lewis, Recording Secretary