CSCA Board Meeting Minutes


Chetolah Shores Civic Association Board Meeting

Wednesday, July 25, 2018 6:30 p.m

1. Call to Order – Lloyd

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 pm by President Lloyd Lewis

2. President’s report

a. Chairs at Elizabeth Lake beach

After discussion regarding stability and possible theft, the board

that wood Adirondack chairs would be preferable. Hazel brought

information about unfinished chairs priced at $75 each. Alex volunteered

that he knew a man who makes these chairs in the shape of the state of

Michigan and will find out price and availability and bring back that

information to us.

b. Attorney update

1. Correspondence from neighbor regarding wait list

Lloyd shared the most recent letter from the non-resident requesting

waitlist reinstatement. This will be shared with our attorney when Lloyd

and John meet with him shortly.

2. Update on home for sale on Chipman

This home has a pending offer. The board will keep close watch for

status of docks.

c. Sheriff patrol update

The Sheriff’s patrol has been active on Cass Lake.

d. Correspondence from resident on Durnham

Shared and discussed

e. Road repair update

Amy Gibson has started seeking signatures for

Oregon/Coshocton/Tecumseh road repaving. We have assisted by

providing information to residents via e-mail. We have also provided

names and addresses of all homeowners on those streets. There has

already been interest from several homeowners.

2. Treasurer Report –Kelly

a. Financial report

Kelly reported itemized expenses of $3,490.32 and a balance of

$17,246.71. There are recent outstanding receipts and expenditures to be




Secretary Report

a. Voice Mail will be cancelled as of 7/31/18. Residents have been

by e-mail and Facebook posting. This will re repeated when cancellation

is completed.

b. Board resolution regarding racial restrictions.

John had researched and requested that the Board make a resolution

that “Racial restrictions are not enforceable and will not be upheld by

Chetolah Shores Civic Association.” This will be posted along with our
ByLaws on our website.

Trustee and Officer Reports

a. Jacque, Cheryl – Welcome packets, voice mail, snail mail

mail account. Cheryl has updated the Welcome Packets and made

copies. Jacque has several to deliver. She will investigate a method of

routinely receiving names of new neighbors in a timely fashion.

b. Jacque – trash report –updates

Jacque has been in contact with Gary Wall regarding single hauler

Gary has been collecting bids. Jacque will follow up and bring us back

information as it occurs.

c. Alex – grounds and maintenance

Alex has completed several projects this month including vine and tree

trimming and clean up. He has noticed some trash dumped on launch

side of fence.

Board would like a proposal for clean up at Sunset Park including

drainage, lawn. Alex will prepare. There is also a large shrub at Cass

Lake launch that needs to be cut back.

Jacque requested that the large stump at the Elizabeth Lake beach be

removed. It can be cut to ground, but not ground out. Jacque so moved,

seconded by John. Approved unanimously. Alex will do this.

d. John and Jiri – security lights and cameras

All working well. Residents have commented on how much they like the

new lights, especially after dark when coming in off the lake!



Other new business

a. Lloyd brought up a concern about NO SWIMMING signage at Sunset

Park. Although the main sign leading into the park says No lifeguard on

duty, Lloyd felt an additional sign on the dock would be another good

reminder. Discussion suggested that the same sign be placed at the Cass

Lake launch area. Cheryl proposed that the board purchase NO

SWIMMING signs for both Sunset Park and the Cass Lake launch area.

Jiri seconded. Unanimous approval. Lloyd will arrange purchase.

b. John initiated a discussion regarding docks located on the Penobscot

Canal (boat launch canal), but without common access. He felt we should

consider a resolution clarifying the CSCA position. He and Lloyd will

discuss this at their meeting with our attorney.

c. Jiri initiated a discussion regarding the Board’s use of Slack. Some

are struggling to make it work for them, while some users find it easier

more convenient. Kelly has a specific issue since her employer blocks it

from her phone and computer. We will keep using it, but Kelly will get

traditional e-mails as well.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on September 6, 2018 at 7:30 pm at