CSCA Board Meeting Minutes


CSCA Board Meeting Minutes

August 17, 2016

1. The meeting was called to order at 7:14 by President Lloyd Lewis,
who presented his


a. Dock updates:

  1. The docks are basically filled with one person waiting to pick up
    his boat.

Lloyd suggested he give a reduced rate for residents just getting their

this late in the season.

  1. Alex felt that there could be one more dock (2 slips) added on the

side. There was a great deal of discussion about how to remove existing

posts. Alex gave a “ball park” figure for the materials and
installation. John

suggested it might be easier to work in the “muck” in fall or winter. It

decided to shelve until the next meeting for more information and
possibly a


  1. The non-paying dock users situation remains the same. We would need

resort to the courts for any actions. This is very costly, and the board

considering “cost/benefit”.

b. Lock and key problem, repair update: Lloyd reported that the problem

quickly identified and resolved. We will be working with a new
locksmith, who

assured us that a better quality key would be provided. Jen will be

charge of this next season. Lloyd will provide her with the information
she will

need for a smooth start to the season.

c. Lot 19: Alex reported that he installed 3 posts near the street to

parking on the lot, but allow small watercraft, boats, fish shanties,
etc. entrance.

Alex plans to install the fence the first week of Sept. The board agreed

provide him “up front” funds to purchase the materials he will need.

d. Sign installation: Alex reported that 3 new signs have been
installed. There is

still a small amount of painting to be competed. Alex also reported that
he is

working on the “rule” signs for Elizabeth Lake boat dock and Lot 19.

e. Insurance update: Policy is binding, but we have not received the

nor invoice.

f. Additional updates: Cheryl contacted the township regarding the “For

sign on Charest. The Township has informed the owner of the

Lloyd updated the board on the paid for, but unused boat docks. He

out copies of the letters he sent to two residents. He will keep the

informed of any changes.

2. Secretary’s Report: Hazel reported all correspondence, e-mails, and
web page are


3. Treasurer’s Report: Absent

4. Trustee Reports

a. John reports that the security camera at the Cass Lake launch is
working. He

would like to improve the quality and number of the cameras for next

He discussed need for more power, and alternative ways to get it – more

He will contact DTE regarding installation of a meter. He is also
working on a

“manual” for future use. John also brought up a court case he found that

apply to our outlot ownership situation that allowed a reorganization of

association for right of enforcement. After discussion it was determined

this case is not relevant for our situation.

b. Kathy has been picking up mail and forwarding it appropriately.
Lloyd, Hazel

and Jen need to be notified when mail regarding dues payments and wait

requests come in.

Kathy reminded us of the 500 or so envelopes we received with the

return address. Cheryl said that it would be cheaper to order through

Print. She will investigate and report back.

c. Jacqui has been delivering Welcome Packets. Cheryl had prepared a

asking for their information - name, phone, e-mail, to leave with the

so that we can update our records. if the neighbor is not at home

This information is needed by Lloyd,

Hazel and Patty.

Lloyd shared some information he had obtained about Sheriff’s patrol for

Cass Lake. He has been in contact with the individual from Elizabeth

Lake who worked with Sgt. Jex to get their program implemented.

We need to do some further research on contacting the various subs on

Hazel will check with Kari at the Township Clerk’s office to see if she

such a list.

d..Jen again has the launch keys. Website needs to updated with her


e. Alex will check south side docks for needed entry repairs.


New Business

a. Jacque brought up a concern about the Elizabeth Lake beach area. She

safety concerns. Should there be a sandy area?

b. Lloyd requested that the Board authorize a small “stipend” to member


6. Next meeting: 9/27 at Cheryl’s home

7. Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Hazel Lewis, CSCA Recording Secretary