CSCA Board Meeting Minutes


CSCA Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday August 18 6:30 PM

Present: Lloyd L., Hazel L., Kathy B., Jacqueline B., Erik K.,

Absent: Amy T., Mark W., Eric C., Cheryl C.

1. President’s Report

 Update on the vandalism in the launch area – thanks to Jeff and Eric

their help with the camera and video downloads. Neighbors were notified

of the incident by e-mail. Everyone is reminded to remain vigilant and

observant of their and their neighbors’ homes and boats.

 Managing data bases, mail merges and access to Quick Books – Eric –

tabled for Eric’s input at the next meeting

 Identifying MC numbers – on-line site located to get names of owners

through MC numbers. Cost is $8 per record. Lloyd requested an

allocation of $50 to begin process of getting the information. So moved

Jeff, seconded by Jacque, unanimous approval.

 Non-paying slip holders update – this discussion continues. Lloyd has

made contact with an attorney for advice. It would be best to select one

non-paying user and pursue in Circuit Court. Jeff suggested that after

determine the identities of the non-paying slip holders, we send each a

letter offering first refusal with payment of dues and dock rental fees.

Jacque offered to draft a letter. Hazel will prepare a list of slips
with names

of occupiers and their status for board members.

2. Secretary’s Report

 Correspondence – a thank you letter was sent to Sara and Rich Beckman

and their company for their support of the Elizabeth Lake fireworks.

3. Treasurer’s Report – Kathy reported a balance as of 7/1/15 of
$15578.31, with

deposits of $1210.00, expenditures of $2733.99. The balance as of

7/31/15 was $14,054.32

4. Trustee Reports

 Dock area – Erik

Gravel improvement – Erik reported that the launch area between

the blacktop and the water needs building up with gravel. He will

the labor to spread it. He suggested approximately 10 yards which should

cost approximately $250. Hazel moved we allocate this amount for gravel

to be purchased an delivered to Cass Lake launch area. Seconded by

Jacque. Approved. To be scheduled after Labor Day.

Lloyd requested Erik check out the end of the launch dock which is

underwater and repair it. Erik will also power wash and “refresh” the

picnic tables at the launch area.

Camera – Erik, Jeff – the time stamp has been updated. Jeff will

check the tapes monthly.

work from. Hazel will prepare.

Kayak rack – discussion regarding adding a kayak rack to Cass

Lake launch area. Slots will be available for rental through CSCA.

Renters will be responsible for their own padlocks. Erik will

and bring estimates to next meeting.

Lot 19 – Eric – while unable to attend the meeting, Eric sent in his

saying the sand is purchased and ready to spread. Resident Alex will use

his bobcat to spread it. Eric asked if they should attempt to install

dock this late in the season. Erik and Jeff felt it should be done this

No vote was taken.

Signage – Amy -- Amy also sent her report that the sign guy is ill and

questioned if we should wait for him to recuperate or look for a new
guy. It

was felt that Amy should again check to see how he is doing and if not

returning to work soon, search for another company to do the work, and

bring the report to the next meeting.

Welcome Packet – Jacque, Cheryl – Jacque brought copies of the new

and improved Welcome Packets. She has hand delivered them to the

new people we have identified. Kudos Cheryl and Jacque – unanimous

approval – they look great!

5. New Business -- Jacque and Lloyd picked up the infamous file cabinet
and took it to

Jacque’s garage.

Jacque asked about the timeline for her audit. We would like it by the

meeting. She and Kathy will work together on it.

Lloyd requested that we obtain letterhead and envelopes with return

address on them for our correspondence. Erik K. thought he could obtain

the envelopes. We have a template for the letterhead.

6. Next meeting – September 23, 7:00 PM at Erik K’s house.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Hazel Lewis

Recording Secretary