CSCA Board Meeting Minutes


Tuesday September 1st, 2020 7:00pm Online

Present: Patrick Hickey, Jiri Culik, Alex Bodi, John Coumoundouros, Jacque Brown, Adam Holcomb, Cheryl Cathcart

Absent: Tami Robertson, Alex Smith

Call To Order: 7:09pm

Agenda Items/President’s Report
  1. Old Business

    1. Technology Updates

      Everything including domain name and DNS has been moved away from FatCow. Domain name and DNS are now registered at Namecheap (same as the SSL certificate). The site itself has been moved from Jiri’s AWS account to Chetolah Shores AWS account, and a three year reserved instance was purchased to reduce cost by %60.

      The current master spreadsheet has been exported to a MongoDB database which is now the source for the waitlists and where the online payment information gathered is stored.

      Jiri is currently implementing a membership management UI using a free version of Retool to be able to edit and manage all member information online.

      We need to add the CSCA debit card to the CSCA AWS/GSuite account for all future charges.

      All May, June, July and August invoice receipts have been stored in the 2020/Financial/Website folder.

      Total May 2020 Due to Jiri: $97.84
      Total June 2020 Due to Jiri: $13.06

      AWS LightSail: $5.66
      AWS Cloudwatch: $4.20
      Google GSuite: $3.36
      Adobe Sign Annual Subscription $251.88
      Total July 2020 Due to Jiri: **$265.10

      AWS LightSail: $5.55
      AWS Cloudwatch: $2.83
      AWS Reserved Instance 3-Years $93.05
      Google GSuite: $4.80
      Namecheap Domain Transfer (+1 Year) $8.66
      Total August 2020 Due to Jiri: **$114.89

      Total Due to Jiri $490.89**

      Minutes: See above

    2. Cameras

      In general the wireless camera security system has been working very well. Currently there is an issue with the NE dock camera battery, and the Parking Lot camera does not seem to be capturing videos triggered by motion. Jiri will address both this week. We should also discuss subscribing to Arlo Premier for $9.99/month in order to get 30 day retention history, and Person, Vehicle, Animal and Package Detection.

      Minutes: Motion to subscribe to Arlo’s Premier package in order to have 30 day retention during summer months. (7 Yes, 0 No, 0 abstain; Motion carries)

    3. Insurance Policies

      The premiums for both the D&O policies and the general liability policy have been paid.

      Minutes: Item Completed

    4. Damaged Boat Launch Boat Dock

      The dock has been removed for the time being due to repeated damage. We need to discuss proposals for replacement or better prevention from damage.

      Minutes: Adam will do a cost analysis to see about installing a floating dock for Spring 2021.

    5. Unpaid Dock Slips

      The main issue is jurisdiction over outlots and some lakefront property lines being occupied by residents. And will likely require a judiciary ruling in order to rectify. Tami has graciously volunteered to perform due diligence and research this matter further in order to clarify rules to residents and prevent confusion in the future of the subdivision.

      We have received a letter from Frank Misuraca that we can send to each unpaid resident, however we should discuss whether we want to pursue this issue further.

      Minutes: Motion by board to send letters to those utilizing boat docks on CSCA property. (7 Yes, 0 No, 0 Abstain, motion carries)

    6. Unauthorized Use of CSCA Property

      Discuss the unauthorized use of common areas, outlots, and other non-sanctioned use of CSCA property.

      Minutes: Tami was absent at this meeting. The Board will keep lines of communication open with residents who are using CSCA property in an attempt to mediate. CSCA will be investigating getting said property officially deeded to the association to clarify jurisdiction over administering the boat launch, outlots, and other property.

    7. Debit Card

      Debit card has been received by Jacque.

      Minutes: Item completed.

    8. Contingency Fund

      Status update into researching possible ideas for allocating funds for larger projects such as repairs from natural disaster damage, legal fees, administration costs, and replacing docks.

      Minutes: Best option thus far would be opening a business savings account at our current bank. Jacque to confirm.

    9. Trash Removal from Cass Lake Boat Launch

      Adam was looking into contracting GFL to empty cass lake boat launch trash. What is the status update?

      Minutes: Waiting on response from GFL. Person contracted to maintain grass on common access areas willing to take out trash.

    10. Physical Mailing Address

      Tami’s update on research into establishing the physical address for the association.

      Minutes: Tami is absent, item tabled until next meeting.

    11. Postcard Mailer

      Tami’s update on creating a postcard for mailing to all our home owners detailing the association information and the benefits of being a member.

      Minutes: Tami absent, item tabled until next meeting.

    12. Tree Trimming at Elizabeth Lake Docks

      Alex was going to provide a quote. Do we need to trim that tree?

      Minutes: Alex S. absent, item tabled until next meeting.

    13. 5094 Coshocton Complaint

      John received a complaint on 5094 Coshocton regarding junk cars, multiple boats and uncut grass. This was passed on to Twp. Building Dept. The archive shows a resident there had their slip privileges revoked in 2000.

      Minutes: Grass has been cut. Boats and cars still present. No response from Twp. Building Dept. John to follow-up on this item.

  2. New Business

    1. Consolidation of CSCA Records and Documents

      Centralization of existing physical CSCA records and documents in one location in order to ensure continuity and prevent loss of important documents over time. How and where do we store records in the future.

      Minutes: Jiri to look into digitizing paper documents for backup purposes. John to consult with legal counsel to determine which documents/records should be saved versus discarded/destroyed.

    2. Creation of CSCA Templates

      We need standard document templates for use in communicating with residents as well as outside parties such as realtors. At minimum we need a Determination Letter and a Listing Warning Letter for realtors.

      Minutes: Patrick will take the lead in creating CSCA templates for future use.

    3. Banking Alternatives

      Our current bank does not provide all the services we need and does not pay any interest on the funds we hold there. There are better online bank alternatives we have been posted in Slack for the treasurer and board members to review. We should decide where to keep the CSCA funds moving forward. Specifically Jiri is suggesting NBKC Bank as a possible alternative.

      Minutes: Chief concern is the ability to accept dues payments electronically.

    4. Unauthorized Use of CSCA Property

      We need to discuss policy changes, and strategies for dealing with damage to CSCA property, unauthorized use of common property, outlots, etc to safe use of said areas. This includes construction projects using common lots and dumping and storage in areas such as the punch bowl.

      Minutes: See above item

    5. Facebook Administration

      Cheryl is currently an administrator of the CSCA FB group/page along with Pat Podkul (a previous CSCA president). Who else is an administrator and what should we do to make sure that only CSCA board sanctioned content is posted?

      Minutes: Both Cheryl and John are admins. Nothing to pursue at this time.

Vice President’s Report
  1. Securing Common Areas

    The CSCA will not erect barriers and restrict access to all common areas.

  2. Repair to Lot 19

    Resident in question has maintained the position they will repair damage to Lot 19 due to heavy equipment using that space for construction purposes on resident’s property.

Secretary’s Report
  1. Nothing to report

Treasurer’s Report
  1. Bank Balance as of 09/01/2020: $10,042.49

    Pending Transactions:
    Annual Dues: pending deposit $50.00
    Property Maint Specialist (Check No. 1448) $(300.00)
    Jiri Culik: Reimb for prepaid IT Expenses (Check No. 1449) $(490.89)
    Kaufman-Payton-Chapa-Misuraca (Check No. 1450) $(160.00)

Actual Balance as of 09/01/2020: $9,141.60

  1. IRS Status

    Jacque to scan IRS non-profit status document received.
    Jiri provided the State of Michigan Annual Report to Jacque to file and report.

Trustee Reports (In addition to items mentioned above)

  1. Alex S.


  2. Cheryl

    Nothing to report

  3. Adam

    Nothing to report

  4. Alex B.

    Alex inquired about what to do with derelict vehicles. Due to township ordinance it would be a building department.

  5. Tami


Other Business
  1. Next Meeting

    Tuesday, October 6, 2020, 7pm Online

  2. Adjourned


Respectfully submitted,

Patrick Hickey

CSCA Secretary