CSCA Board Meeting Minutes


CSCA Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2019

Attending: Lloyd, Hazel, Jiri, John, Patrick, Cheryl, Alex

Absent: Jacque, Kelly

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 by President Lloyd Lewis. Thanks
to Patrick

for a great pizza dinner!

President’s Report – Lloyd

Lloyd reported that he has been unable to find someone to do our
required annual

financial review for the past two years and asked the board for
suggestions. A board

member suggested a neighborhood resident who might be willing to do
this. There is a

$300 stipend for completing reviews for 2017-2018 and 2018-2019. (The
neighbor as since

agreed to do this)

Treasurer’s Report – Kelly

Kelly was unable to attend this meeting but sent the current information
to Lloyd to

share. Revenue since 5/1/29 is $16,545.00; disbursements were $9862.48;
current net


Secretary Report – Hazel

Hazel reported that there have been several correspondences between CSCA

our attorneys regarding the recent lawsuit. Copies of all have been
filed and stored


E-mail, Facebook, and Website are up to date.

Trustee and Officer reports


Jacque, Cheryl, Patrick – Welcome packets, snail mail

Patrick reports that Welcome packets have been distributed to all

known new residents, with one that he just received today awaiting

delivery – thanks, Patrick. Cheryl will deliver snail mail this week
thanks Cheryl.


Jacque – update on Waterford trash contract

Jacque was unable to attend the meeting, but we have all received the

notification sent out by the Township. Still many questions about what

the services will entail. While the fees are definitely lower, some

services are unclear. Will await further information from Township.


Alex – grounds and maintenance

1. Broken arms on kayak rack – yet to do

2. Broken post in front of kayak rack – yet to do

3. Request to do tree, brush trimming at Elizabeth Lake beach and

dock. Also at Cass Lake launch area.

4. Dock removal at Elizabeth Lake set for 10/15/19. Hazel will notify

slip holders.

5. Request to check on last dock on south side of Cass for repairs

Jiri and John – security

Jiri has been researching updating the solar panels on the light/camera

areas. While the current system is operating well, he is considering

upgrading. After discussion, Cheryl moved that the Board approve up

to $300 for Jiri to upgrade the solar panels at his discretion. John

seconded; Board approved unanimously.

John and Lloyd – Update on lawsuit

John and Lloyd have been working closely with the attorney – many

Interrogatories and discoveries on both sides have been completed. CSCA
has filed a

counter claim against defendants for trespassing. Depositions have been
set for

September – specific dates to follow. Court date in in May,2020.

Jiri asked about ways to preserve these valuable hard copy records which
are now

in boxes. Iron Mountain was suggested but is pricey. Alex offered a
private safe. Jiri

suggested the records crould be digitized. He will research scanning as
a possibility and

will keep the Board updated.

Board Memberships for 2020-21

Lloyd announced his plan to retire from the board next year. He plans to
resign as

of next May 30. He will remain in an advisory position at least until
the lawsuit is settled.

He will continue to be available as needed.

While your secretary (me) remained silent at this time, I, too, will be
resigning. I will

make sure that all records, etc. are ready to be transferred seamlessly
to a successor!

Schedule next board meeting:

October 15 at Cheryl’s home!


Meeting adjourned at 8:00

Respectfully submitted,

Hazel Lewis, CSCA Secretary