CSCA Board Meeting Minutes


Chetolah Shores Civic Association Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, September 6, 2018 6:30 p.m

All members present

1. Call to Order – Lloyd called the meeting together at 7:10. Thanks to
Cheryl for

her great dinner and hospitality.

2. President’s report -- Lloyd

a. Sheriff patrol update – It was generally felt that this year’s
limited coverage

was positive, and we would continue our efforts next year. We will again

send out letters to neighboring Cass Lake subs to request contributions,

and to try to extend coverage next year.

b. Annual financial review – 2017-18 – Our by-laws require a yearly

review performed by a qualified person not serving on the board. Lloyd

contacted Patty Costigan who agreed. Hazel motioned to hire Patty

Costigan to perform our 2017-18 CSCA financial review. Jiri seconded.

Motion unanimously approved.

3. Attorney meeting – Lloyd and John

Lloyd and John have met to research and prepare for attorney meeting.

While it had been scheduled for this week, it had to be rescheduled for

next week. John has prepared a document “Association Issues” which he

shared with the board. Lloyd had three specific issues regarding

neighbors that he felt should be addressed at the attorney meeting: 1) a

dispute over wait listing 2) dock ownership issues 3) docks adjacent to

outlots which have no public access. These and other issues will be

discussed at the meeting. Jiri moved that the board authorize payment up

to $3000 in attorney fees. Seconded by Kelly. Unanimously approved.

4. Treasurer’s Report – Kelly

a. Financial status – Kelly’s report included checks issued, outstanding

checks and a balance of $16,083.19


Secretary Report -- Hazel reported all correspondence, e-mail, Facebook

our website are up to date.


Trustee and Officer Reports

a. Cheryl –snail mail – up to date

b. Patrick -- Welcome packets – delivered three, waiting to visit one

c. Jacque – reports that she has been in contact with both Gary Wall and

Sue Camillari who report that there has been a study session of the

Township Board working on a revision of an ordinance to recommend

reviewed by their legal department, and will be ready to bring to the

Township Board. Jacque moved that the CSCA Board support the

Township’s ordinance to recommend a single hauler for trash pickup.

Seconded by Jiri. Unanimously approved.

d. Alex – grounds and maintenance

Alex will continue to work on Sunset Park and drainage at the Cass

Lake launch. Lloyd requested that the north slips all need tree/brush

trimming. Jiri showed pictures of trash being left at launch area.

Discuss need for trash cans and the resulting problem of getting the

cans emptied and trash collected. Can’t hire company because there

is no address for the launch area (per Cheryl). Alex offered to bring

two cans, labelled trash and recycling, possibly attaching them to

kayak poles, and retrieve the trash routinely. He will keep us updated.

e. John and Jiri – security lights and cameras

Working well. Discussion regarding removing cameras for the winter.

They will closely monitor them and determine the best course of action.


Other new business

Jacque spoke with Sue Camilieri Township Clerk regarding access to

new homeowner addresses in the sub. She was advised that she could visit

assessor’s counter and get the information she needs. Jacque will ask if
it is

possible that she be notified as new neighbors’ titles are recorded.

Jiri requested that we ask key holders to replace the lock at the

launch gate correctly, not upside down, which can result in moisture
getting into

the mechanism. Hazel will send out e-mail and post on website.

Jiri suggested the sub join Nextdoor Dodge Park as an additional way

to share information. Hazel will do this and notify board of user name


Alex brought a request from his wife, who is a member of the

Haviland PTA. They requested support from the sub for their yearly

Alex will ask his wife to forward the information to Hazel. After
review, we will

contact the board for action.


Next Meeting

Lloyd suggested we may need to call a short one item meeting after

he and John conference with the attorney.

Next regularly scheduled meeting will be Thursday, November 15,

6:30 at Fork & Pint. Cheryl will arrange area for us.

There being no further business before the board, meeting was

adjourned at 8:15.

Respectfully submitted,

Hazel Lewis, CSCA Recording Secretary