CSCA Board Meeting Minutes


Chetolah Shores Civic Association Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, September 18, 2014 7:00 p.m.

Mark and Amy’s Home

Present: Eric S., Patty C., Amy T., Mark W., Kathy B., Cheryl C., Lloyd
L., Hazel L.

Absent: Erik K.

1. The meeting was called to order by President Eric S. at 7:30 p.m.

a. Update on recent storm damage/repairs/clean up – It appears that most

damage has been repaired. Thanks to the many residents who “chipped in”

worked with their neighbors to get the sub back in order again!

b. Board insurance bid update – Mark shared additional information

regarding liability insurance. Lloyd and Eric will continue to research

since additional questions need to be answered before we commit.

c. Update from Attorney Maria regarding dues structure – Patty reports

that Maria has investigated our dues structure, but feels that we should
consult a

municipal lawyer specializing in our specific area. Maria will refer and
Eric and

Lloyd (Patty?) will schedule a meeting.

d. Update on plan for improving Lot 19 in light of recent storm damage –

Eric reports the sign is ready to be placed. Because of the drain on our

due to the unexpected storm damage, plans for Lot 19 will be moved to

year’s budget. Eric will devise a more complete plan including clean up,

and beach area.

e. Update on lot 19 new fence – Eric has informed neighbor to make the

fence improvement making certain the fence is on his, not lot 19

f. Update on Charest potholes – Thanks to all of the “letter writers”,

potholes on Charest and on Chipman have been repaired!

g. Homeowner’s concern regarding board expenditures and mandatory

dues – Eric reports he had an hour long conversation with the homeowner,

feels it was beneficial to both. Points were clarified, and expenditure
issues will

be addressed with our revisit to our By-Laws prior to next annual

h. Begin search for new trustee to replace Nick – Several possible

candidates were discussed. At this point Hazel will place a notice on
our website

asking for volunteers.

2. Treasurer’s Report

a. Financial report – Patty presented her report reflecting our lower

expected balance mainly due to storm expenses. We need to carefully

any further expenses, in light of our already committed appropriations
to DTE, fall

clean up, Elizabeth Lake dock removal, signage.

b. Dues update - none

3. Secretary Report - Hazel

a. Thank you for rapid approval of minutes – please continue!

b. Web site updated routinely – please send any additions as you see

c. Gmail – all mail is current. Addressed issues are in a separate
folder out

of the in-box.

d. Homeowners concern regarding 2012 general meeting minutes not posted

on website – Hazel has never received them. Cheryl suggested that they

might be in the “file cabinet” and we should have that cabinet in our

possession. Kathy volunteered Rick to do some “historical” research

when we get the materials!

a. Lloyd has had multiple meetings with Waterford Township Supervisor

Wall regarding CSCA governance of community outlots including dock
areas. The

township lawyer reports that the township has no rights nor
responsibilities for these

areas. According to the township attorney, all CSCA homeowners share

regarding those properties. The board has identified three possible
approaches the

association could make through the circuit court to obtain exclusive
rights to manage

these properties. The discussion will continue. Lloyd also had several
meetings with

township officials regarding encroachments on neighborhood outlots. Eric

discuss this situation when he meets with the municipal lawyer. Cheryl
pointed out

that no permanent structures are allowed on outlots per our By-Laws.

b. Repairs to storm damaged docks – thanks to Pete McClain and neighbor

Alex Smith, the docks are back to pre-storm condition.

c. Removal of Elizabeth Lake docks – date of Oct. 15 approved.

of raising Elizabeth lake dock fees, Motioned to raise fee to $300,

5. Trustee and Officer reports

a. Kathy – Welcome packets – she continues to deliver them when notified

new neighbors. Voice mail – Kathy reports that all voice mails have been

addressed, she either handles them herself, or forwards them to the

appropriate board member for resolution.

6. Old Business

a. Software for “Cloud” – we still need a data sharing program. Eric

suggested “Drop Box”, but we also need versions of Quick Books. He will

investigate. Hazel will see what is available at minimum cost for her

b. Security camera at Cass Lake launch area – have been successfully

installed. We need to arrange a meeting with Pat to explain operation,
etc. Also

need to install a sign indicating that a security camera in in use.

c. “Neighbor to Neighbor” Hazel and Lloyd. They created a flyer that
will be

posted on the website.

7. New Business

a. New project list and prioritization - tabled

8. Next Meeting – November 6, 7:00 PM at Kathy Bartus’ home