CSCA Board Meeting Minutes


Chetolah Shores Civic Association

Board Meeting Minutes

September 19, 2017

Present: Kathy Bartus, Jacqui Brown, Cheryl Cathcart, John
Coumoundouros, Jiri Culik, Hazel

Lewis, Lloyd Lewis, Kelly Ratowski, Alex Smith

The meeting was called to order by President Lloyd Lewis at 7:00 p.m.

Treasurer’s Report – Hazel Lewis reported a beginning balance of
$12,940.00. Expenditures of

$593.15. The current balance is $12,431.73. There is a discrepancy of
$15.12 to be worked on.

Hazel worked on the DTE issue – bills were sent out to our P.O. Box, but
were never received.

The past-due balance was paid, and we will now go back to the automatic
payment plan.

Secretary’s Report – Minutes of the August 30, 2017 meeting were
presented. Jacqui Brown

made a motion to approve, seconded by Hazel Lewis. Minutes were

President’s Report

Signage - Signs will go up on Thursday, September 21.

Sheriff on Cass Lake – We have filed paperwork and sent a check for
$600.00 so we will be

ready in the spring.

The dock was hit by a new member who did damage. He will pay for a new
dock. The dock

needs to be raised up. Longer poles will be put in in the spring.

Removal of old pipes at the launch - Sam Sitto can pull them out with
his vehicle. Motion was

made to pay Sam $100.00 to remove these pipes. Motion made by Cheryl,
seconded by Jiri.

Motion carried.

Discussion was held on the response from Lyle on the 9/12/17 letter
regarding unauthorized

boat dockers. No action taken.

Trustee Reports:

Welcome Packets We are up to date on distribution.

Financial Review – We will write off the items carried forward on
QuickBooks. We will

eliminate Quickbook Receivable records.

Camera – John and Jiri reported the approximate cost of the poles,
camera equipment - $338.

For the modem, $649.00 for the camera system (4) cameras, $50.000 per
month for 10 gig T-

installation in Spring, 2018. Motion by Cheryl, seconded by Kathy.
Motion carried.

Voicemail/Mail - Kathy reported all voicemail retrievals are up to date.

Cheryl and Kathy reported mail pickup is up to date.

Ground/Maintenance – Alex reported what he has done and intends to at
Elizabeth Lake beach

and Sunset Park. Would like the area outside of fence at Sunset graded
and sodded so it is

maintenance free.

Slack App – We are using the Slack App.

QuickBooks Elimination. Kelly reported she is inputting info from
QuickBooks into Excel and will

set it up for ease and simplicity going forward.

New Business:

The dock will be removed at Sunset/Lot 19 and Elizabeth Lake on October

Jacqui currently has possession of the CSCA laptop if anyone has a need
for it.

The next Board meeting will be on Wednesday, December 13, 2017 at Fork &
Pint at 6:30 p.m.

There being no further business to come before the meeting, it was
adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Bartus