CSCA Board Meeting Minutes


Chetolah Shores Civic Association Board Meeting Minutes

September 21, 2015 7:00 PM

Erik’s home

Present: Lloyd L., Hazel L., Kathy B., Amy T., Mark W., Eric S., Jeff
K., Erik K.

Absent: Jacque B., Cheryl C.

The meeting was called to order by President Lloyd at 7:30.

1. President’s Report

 Managing data bases, mailings, and access to QuickBooks – Eric
reported that

his assistant, Andrea will help set this up for us. Hazel, Kathy and
Jacque will

contact her.

 Identifying MC numbers – Lloyd has identified the MC numbers for boats

unpaid slips, located the required State of Michigan forms, and will
submit them

and bring the information to the next meeting.

 Annual fiscal review – Jacque was unable to attend the meeting. She
sent an email report saying her review is almost complete. She asked if
we file taxes, the

answer is no, and we will direct her to Patty for any other questions.

 Removal of Elizabeth Lake docks – We will again ask Pete to do this,
after Oct. 1

Slip holders will be notified.

2. Secretary’s Report – Hazel reported minutes were approved and posted
to website.

3. Treasurer’s Report – Kathy reported a deposit of $570 and a balance

$14,546.58 as of 9/1/15.

4. Trustee Reports

 Lot 19 – Eric reported that he and Alex Smith are ready to begin work
on beach

area. Sand and fiber will be delivered next week and Alex will spread it
using his

front loader. The dock will be installed next spring. Eric has been
working with

American Marine for pricing for 3 4’x10’ aluminum framed wood sections

installed. They offer a price reduction for early order and installation
(before April

14). Lloyd asked Eric to place the order. The whole project will come in
at or

below the approved budget of $1500.00. Jeff requested “before and after”

pictures for our annual meeting and the website.

 Dock area – Erik reported that 6 yards of gravel will be delivered
next Thursday

for the price of $251.97. Erik will get volunteers to help spread it.

He also has re-numbered the docks. Slip holders will be notified of
their new


Lloyd requested that he attempt to repair end of dock which is almost to

water level. Erik will check it out.

Erik also brought pictures and information about the proposed kayak rack
for the

Cass Lake launch area. The dimensions are 76”W x 69”D x 72”H with a
price of

$2000 including shipping. Further discussion regarding placement and

locks. It was suggested rental be $50/season (plus CSCA dues).
Discussion of

how to advertise availability and first-come, first served or lottery
selection. It

plan to be in place before next meeting.

Erik refinished the picnic tables – took several coats, but look great.

Discussion about removal of fire pit as it seems to be used just as a
place to

dump trash. Will table until next year.

 Camera – Jeff has found this to be a time consuming job! He
emphasized how

important it is to be notified immediately of any suspicious activity
and have a

specific time frame for him to review. This information needs to be

at the annual meeting.

 Signage – Amy had estimates for replacement signs for Elizabeth Lake

and Lot 19 at $500 each including installation. The launch area would be

If we order during Feb. or March, there would be a discount of $125, and

require a 35% deposit. Discussion of sign materials – plastic, metal?
Amy will

investigate and bring to next meeting. She had a perfect sign for the

which Erik will install. Need kayak sign, will discuss wording.

 Letterhead – have logo can copy. Need envelopes, Erik will check his

5. New Business

Suggestion make to consider a “floating dock” for Lot 19. Erik and Eric
will get a


6. Next Meeting – will be TUEDAY, NOVEMBER 17 AT 6:30 AT IRISH TAVERN.

Meeting adjourned at 8:28 PM!!!!!!