CSCA Board Meeting Minutes


Chetolah Shores Civic Association Board Meeting Minutes

November 17, 2015 6:30 PM

Present: Lloyd, Hazel, Kathy, Erik, Jeff, Cheryl

Absent: Eric, Amy, Mark, Jacque

1. President’s Report

 Managing data bases, mailings and access to QuickBooks

This was a lengthy discussion involving all board members expressing

of ideas to explore. I would like to handle this in a separate

correspondence clarifying what our problem is, our ultimate goal, and

to get there, to follow shortly.

 Identifying MC numbers – Lloyd filed the appropriate paperwork with

State and was able to identify the owners of all of the boats in the

slips except for one. That may have been an incorrect MC number and he

will recheck that. We had some conversation about next steps and Lloyd

has agreed to draft letters to these boat owners and share that draft

board members before moving ahead.

 Meeting with attorney Richard Lindell – Mark and Lloyd reviewed terms

the outlot deeds and copies of communications with the township. Mr.

Lindell is researching some ideas and will report back with his

recommendations regarding boat owners who have “claimed” dockage


2. Secretary’s Report

 E-mails were sent to current slip holders on Cass Lake asking if they

planned to rent their space again for the 2016 season. This helps

in planning the best use of the spaces. Very good response, all yes at


3. Treasurer’s Report

 Kathy reported a balance of $12,306.

4. Trustee Reports

 Erik

Gravel – purchased, delivered, spread – job well done!

Letterhead envelopes – Hazel will send logo, and Erik will order the


Kayak Rack – will be purchased and installed before the May

annual meeting. Discussion of security issues and lock options.

Erik and Jeff will work on this.

Other – dock on lot 19 – Erik has researched the options for a

floating dock for lot 19. He will discuss with Eric who will be

moving soon. Erik is willing to take this on. Jeff moved for

authorization of $2500 (maximum) to be used for hardware and

installation of a floating dock for lot 19, seconded by Cheryl.

Unanimously approved.

Jacque – unable to attend

 Mark – unable to attend

 Cheryl

5. New Business

 Next year’s board – Eric announced his retirement for next year

Kathy would prefer to return to a trustee role

Jeff is unsure for next year

Cheryl, Hazel and Lloyd plan to return

Next meeting -- To be determined

Respectfully submitted,

Hazel Lewis, CSCA Secretary