CSCA Board Meeting Minutes


CSCA Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2016

Present: Lloyd Lewis, Hazel Lewis, Jacque Brown, Cheryl Cathcart, John

Coumoundouros, Kathy Bartus, Patty Costigan, Jennifer Sitto.

Absent: Alex Smith

1. Meeting was called to order by President Lewis.

a. The question of adding docks at the Cass Lake launch was shelved

the spring.

b. It had been suggested that a kayak rack be added to the Elizabeth

beach. This will be discussed further in the spring.

c. Lloyd clarified where we stand on our unpaid slips at Cass. Patty

suggested we continue to monitor the situation.

d. Lloyd and John shared their research findings regarding the policing
of the

outlots. The result is still not clearly defined.

2. Secretary’s Report – Hazel reports no new correspondence or website

3. Treasurer’s Report – Patty provided a financial status as of
9/20/16. There are

some outstanding invoices, so an updated report will follow.

4. Trustee Reports:

a. Alex reported through Lloyd that the damaged section of fence at the

Lake launch will be replaced at a cost of approximately $80. The lot 19

dock has been removed and is being stored by Alex at a cost of $100.

Patty reported that the installation of the posts at lot 19 has greatly

improved the parking situation for their street.

b. Jacque will work with Patty to prepare a financial review for last
year and

the current year together.

c. Jacque and Cheryl have been distributing Welcome Packets are they

receive new neighbor information.

d. Jacque and Jen have been working on contacts for Cass Lake

subdivisions to solicit support for Sheriff’s patrols on Cass Lake. They

formulate a letter for the next board meeting.

e. Jen attended the Waterford Lakes Association Meeting on 10/19. It was

mainly concerned with invasive plants and water purity. Jen shared some

very useful information.

f. John has done a huge amount of research regarding upgrading our

security system at the Cass Lake launch. He provided a comprehensive

written report. Patty moved that the board accept John’s

recommendations for electrical upgrades for a 120 volt system and

LED lights, meter and cabling. Seconded by Jen. Passed unanimously.

We will look at further equipment in the spring.

5. New Business

a. Next year’s board – member’s will keep Lloyd updated on their status

next year.

b. Updating list of residents’ names and addresses – Cheryl will do this

in the spring

c. Annual Meeting Date – set for Thursday, May 11, 2017. Hazel will

Waterford Schools to reserve the media center at Haviland.

d. Our next board meeting will be April 20, 2017 at the Lewis’s.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00.

Respectfully submitted

Hazel Lewis

CSCA Secretary