Boat Slip Waitlists

Cass Lake and Elizabeth Lake as of June 27th, 2020

Boatslip Waitlists

The current waitlists for Cass Lake and Elizabeth Lake boat slips are listed below. Each year a member must request to remain on, or to be added to either list during their online Dues Payment checkout process. A member can also request to be added or removed from a waitlist by contacting us through the Contact Us page and by sending their membership dues payment via mail to Chetolah Shores Civic Association, P.O. Box 978, Union Lake, MI 48387. In order to remain on either waitlist and not lose their position, a member must maintain an uninterrupted Member in Good Standing status, by paying their annual membership fee every year.

Cass Lake Waitlist
105-01-2017John G. / Tina G.
205-11-2017Eric P.
305-11-2017Jeffrey K.
405-29-2017Brad D.
506-22-2017Aaron S. / Anne S.
607-24-2017Jeff D. / Amy W.
709-27-2017Tamara R.
811-30-2017Cody S.
905-10-2018Adam F. / Anne F.
1005-10-2018Dominic A.
1105-27-2018Forest W. / Danielle A.
1205-16-2019Clark J.
1305-16-2019Nicholas M. / Laura E.
1405-16-2019Andrew Z. / Jordan Z.
1505-16-2019Jason H.
1605-16-2019Scott M. / Cindy M.
1706-01-2019Cheryl C.
1806-01-2019Erik K. / Dawn K.
1906-01-2019Karl N.
2006-02-2019Julie H.
2106-02-2019Judith P. / David C.
2206-05-2019Marc J.
2306-05-2019Matthew H. / Lisa H.
2406-21-2019Austin P.
2509-10-2019Randy J. / Sheila J.
2605-26-2020Alex B.
2705-27-2020Brad I. / Ayser I.
2805-27-2020Trevor A.
2905-28-2020Kelly R.
3006-02-2020Roger F. / Ryan F.
3106-23-2020Sean L. / Rose L.
Elizabeth Lake Waitlist
107-15-2015Jihad S.
206-11-2016Bradley H. / Carolyn N.
306-27-2016Diane C.
404-28-2017Karen O.
505-11-2017Sean W.
605-11-2017Jacquelynn B.
705-11-2017Kelly R.
805-11-2017Eric P.
905-15-2017Brad D.
1011-30-2017Cody S.
1105-10-2018Dominic A.
1205-18-2019Andrew Z. / Jordan Z.
1305-18-2019Jason H.
1406-20-2019Austin P.
1505-25-2020Aaron S. / Anne S.
1606-02-2020Clark J.
1706-24-2020Katie R. / Daniel N.