CSCA Membership Information

Chetolah Shores Civic Association

CSCA Annual Membership Dues

Dues are billed annually on May 1st, and are due by May 31st. The annual $50 Membership Fee is roughly equivalent to a $4 monthly investment, to protect and enhance the value of your home, and to make Chetolah Shores a desirable neighborhood to live. Be a good neighbor and share in our community by being a Member in Good Standing.

2020 Membership Fees
Member Service Member Fee
Annual Membership Dues $50.00
Cass Lake Boat Slip Fee $200.00
Elizabeth Lake Boat Slip Fee $310.00
Cass Lake Kayak Rack Fee $50.00
Cass Lake Boat Launch Key Fee $20.00

What Do These Fees Go Toward
  • Providing beach and swim area access on Elizabeth Lake
  • Providing boat slips on Cass and Elizabeth Lakes, and a boat launch on Cass Lake
  • Maintenance and upgrades to lake access lots and the boat launch, as well as maintenance of associated signage
  • Wetland protection, landscaping and removal of dead trees, shrubs and poison ivy in common areas
  • Security lights, and video security system at the Cass Lake boat launch
  • Utilities for electrical service (DTE), and cellular service (T-Mobile) used by the security system, and website hosting costs
  • Various administrative expenses, such as cost of printing, paper, envelopes, and postage
  • Organizing annual association meeting, monthly board meetings, and association social events
  • Managing homeower issues and disputes