Website Network Errors

Chetolah Shores Civic Association


Several members have notified us that some of them are getting Network errors when attempting to pay their dues online on our website. The issue seems to be with work provided Mac computers where there are certain security measures enabled which prevent the site from working correctly. Please make sure that if you are using a work laptop, that any security measures are temporarily disabled.

In general if you are experiencing issues with the site, make sure that Javascript is enabled in the browser you are using, that any extensions you have installed, such as virus scan or malware detection, are not preventing the site from working.

If you can not get your primary browser to work, you can try any other modern browser, like Google Chrome, Mozialla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Apple Safari to see if the issue persists. The site was tested and works with all of these browsers.

The site is also fully responsive and works on all mobile devices as well as tablets, so another option is to pay your dues using your personal mobile device.

If all these suggestions still do not work for you, please contact us at